A visit to the doctor brought up the great idea of ​​this family: the Bioscarf

The founders of this avant-garde protection team describe the birth of their exclusive product.

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A visit to the doctor brought up the great idea of ​​this family: the Bioscarf
A visit to the doctor brought up the great idea of ​​this family: the Bioscarf

In the “My Worst Crisis” series, entrepreneurs from all over the world tell us about their greatest test on their entrepreneurial path and what they have learned from it.

(ENT): who are you and what is your business?

Carlton Solle (CS): We are Elena Solle, Hazel Solle and Carlton Solle, the founders of G95, Inc. Our team has technology built-in filter to protect people from bacteria, viruses, Air pollution, Allergens, smoke, PM 2.5 and other airborne particles that can be dangerous for your health.

ENT: What was your “moment”? AHA!“?

CS: I got sick while traveling to China a few years ago. The doctor I saw said he infected me with something on the plane or that I got sick from air pollution. I asked him what he could do to protect me in the future and he suggested using a face mask. My first answer was: “Do you wear a mask all the time?” When I got home, I spoke to my wife about what happened. She told me that when she was a child in Costa Rica she played with two hand puppets and because the material was scarce and she made scarves for her dolls. Our first product emerged from this discussion: Bioscarf.

ENT: What does the word “entrepreneur” mean for you?

CS: For us as a family it is what we are and what we have always been. In the past 20 years, one or all of us have founded a company and / or searched for ideas and inventions. It runs through our veins and is really what keeps us going.

ENT: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

CS: The hardest part of an idea or concept is that you have to share it in order to evaluate and develop it. At the same time, other people are the most dangerous if you are an entrepreneur. Some may differ from the course, others may see what you have created and want to try to find your way there. Others will want to try to destroy your idea because they haven’t thought about it, and others will just be a waste of time that can take you off course. The trick of the entrepreneurial journey to realize your vision and not to deviate or lose momentum. You have to stay true to your vision and what you feel in your gut.

ENT: Which characteristic is the most important factor in decision-making?

CS: It’s about endurance and progress. You always hear of young sole proprietors who lived in a garage and ate ramen and then had great success. So what happens if you have a family? When do you have to pay rent and school and all the other tasks that come with aging? If you have a family, you really can’t spend all the money on an idea. Therefore, the burdens and sacrifices are much greater and more extreme, as they affect not only you, but also your loved ones. How far do you want to go For us, it’s about persistence, sacrifice for the big picture, and sometimes that comes at a pretty extreme price. But you overcome them and learn from them.

ENT: Is there a specific quote that you use as personal motivation?

CS: There are two quotes on my desk: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” and “Throw myself at the wolves and I’ll lead the pack again.”

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