A troubled river, entrepreneurs profit

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A troubled river, entrepreneurs profit
A troubled river, entrepreneurs profit

With the appearance of the SARSCov2 coronavirus responsible for the disease Covid-19Humanity faces a multi-dimensional challenge – a multi-headed hydra – that has tested the responsiveness of hundreds of countries to address this disease.

Just as the corona virus has reached more than three million infections and 213,000 people in 180 countries have been killed (according to the World Health Organization from December 2019 to the present), this pandemic has also kept the immune system at bay Economies worldwide: Car manufacturers, manufacturers, food manufacturers, health services, mobility, education, technology, entertainment, tourism and a very long range of things that make up the economy of every country.

In this scenario, it is impossible for the monetary and social stability Millions of people who are directly dependent on these sectors to make a living.

And they are exactly that Businesses and entrepreneurs Who needs to take on the role of white blood cells, raise antibodies and build a large front that struggles to keep the economy in our countries alive?

Although my essay does not contain the secret formula to achieve the economic cure for the devastation of the corona virus, it shares the point of view of an entrepreneur who is trying to reinvent himself and adapt to this new scenario, because just like you and I do There are thousands of entrepreneurs who pursue the same goal: to take care of our investments, to find employment sources for our employees and to get out of this global suffering.

In Mexico, micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSME) We are a fundamental axis for the economy: According to the register of the National Institute for Statistics and Geography (INEGI) there is a record of four million 926,000 existing companies, which corresponds to 72% of the jobs in the country. about 52% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Realize: s of all industries, types and sizes, we are a big block that makes the economic heart of our Mexico beat faster, and we can and should not give up our vigilance. Half of the Mexican economy depends on us and therefore the stability of 130 million Mexicans.

Let us be reminded a little: This is not the first time that something like this has happened: Although the arrival of the AH1N1 influenza in 2009 did not have the number of infections, deaths and the economic impact that we have today due to Covid -19 experience, It has influenced the lifestyle and economy of millions of people around the world. It was a taste, a pandemic attempt, from which we learned very little as a boomerang, and reality came back to meet us as a human being, only this time it did so with a lot more strength. This should not be repeated, resilience must characterize our actions. Keep in mind that life is a constant teaching cycle and repeats itself as soon as it ends.

The corona virus is a challenge that has put the Mexican businessman’s inventiveness and adaptability to the test. If we add the government’s lack of support for the private initiative, the challenge will be even greater. There will be many companies dying in the fight, and it is everyone’s job to be as little as possible. So if we have to learn something from this pandemic, women and business people must have one mandatory feature: flexibility.

There are two great examples of the reversal that I loved and that I want to come back to for you:

A good model for adaptability is the automotive assembly manufacturer VolkswagenWith the cessation of commercialization of vehicles and spare parts, the company decided to prototype ventilators to meet the demand from healthcare facilities serving patients diagnosed with Covid-19. The German company expects the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) to support the prototypes. In this case, 90 fans would be produced daily and donated to clinics and hospitals all over Mexico.

The other example is the giant of the beer industry Model group, who decided to separate the alcohol from the Corona Cero fermentation process to make antibacterial gel and donate it to the clinics and hospitals of the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS). In just one month, they donated more than half a million liters of gel to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 infections among their employees and beneficiaries who go to hospitals every day to get medical help.

But just like there are large companies that have managed to reinvent themselves within a few days, to keep their staff active and also to bring a grain of sand into the fight against the corona virus, how many notes we have not seen Facebook, Twitter and the traditional media about micro and small entrepreneurs that adapt quickly to the current market conditions? Small textile companies that no longer made clothing for mouth covers, hats and overalls; Merchants who ventured into the manufacture and sale of masks; Engineers who have opted for cleaning and disinfection services; Restaurateurs donating food to medical personnel; Students who offer regional parcel services, among other things.

Like many messages, we have not received on WhatsApp from contacts dealing with equality, and due to the contingency, they started venturing into a store that deals with disinfecting rooms, selling mouth covers, antibacterial gel, protective masks or whatever also related to containing the disease? This is the ability of Mexican business people who are flexible and adapt to the circumstances to continue their projects.

No crisis is permanent and luckily there are thousands of entrepreneurs and business people who do not commit the sin of waiting for the storm. They adapt to the situation with a number of strategies aimed at vaccinating their company against this global virus: productive changeover, home office for individuals, entry into digital marketing, home services, agreements with e-commerce platforms, etc.

But I don’t just want to speak for and for entrepreneurs, I want to go a little further. If you read to me as a clerk or self-employed person, you are also interested in this: If your productive activities, sources of income or salaries are impaired due to health restrictions, this is the perfect time to learn how to use your resources.

Use your savings wisely And if possible, find an alternative activity that temporarily replaces your formal job. Remember that you don’t need large sums of money to start your own business. Find an idea and a business opportunity and implement it. The saying goes to a troubled river, profit from ENTREPRENEUR. So it went, didn’t it?

With the participation of society and governments, we have to stop the spread of Covid19 and its statistical curve has to be smoothed to make room for the restart of the productive chains. However, we must be aware that the daily activities must gradually pick up their rhythm again. Businesses and entrepreneurs need to learn to live with the corona virus until it reaches its cycle. Nothing will ever be the same. We will regain some calm, but the new normal will be a little different than we were used to.

Why am i saying it With this pandemic, we have to understand that hygiene measures will stay here. We’re not going to use mouthguards all the time, nor are we so alarming, but we are thinking of strengthening our personal hygiene habits, promoting constant hand washing in factories and offices, and promoting the use of antibacterial gel. Regularly disinfect industries, schools, companies, cinemas, convention centers and shopping centers. Finally, we require governments to constantly disinfect streets, sidewalks, public squares, markets and mass transit systems as an exercise in permanent prevention.

At Choose Mexico we also managed to adapt to the circumstances. That’s why we decided to start with a new model of social entrepreneurship: like many others, we started selling antibacterial gel, masks and mouth covers. With the profits from the sale of these items, we have decided to create pantries (armed with products from markets and small businesses near each of our 32 embassies) to donate to families in the most vulnerable areas of the 31 states and Mexico City . .

I know I speak for Mexican business people and entrepreneurs when I say that no virus is strong enough to break the desire to add value and continue to contribute to the growth of our country. We will not rest on the noble task of contributing a grain of sand to our Mexico.

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