A trader charges a tip of $ 400 in BTC

A driver who withheld $ 5 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) as a tip for his pizza delivery service has reappeared. apparently, after seven years.

According to a post by Redditor btcbible, The Bitcoiner ordered a pizza on December 28, 2013 and gave the deliverer two options for their tip: a $ 5 bill or 0.0069 BTC in a paper wallet. The value was roughly the same at this point The price of the crypto asset was $ 774.

Yet, The driver reached out to btcbible this week for help depositing the money into an online wallet. With Bitcoin’s recent rise to a new all-time high of over $ 58,000 The amount in BTC is now worth around $ 400This is an increase of more than 7,000% since the pizza was delivered hot at this point.

A trader charges a tip of $ 400 in BTC
A trader charges a tip of $ 400 in BTC

“”I let the pizza delivery man choose between $ 5 in Fiat or BTC“said btcbible.” Needless to say, he chose wisely. I responded with instructions on how to import the private key through Electrum. “

Source: Reddit

The Redditor made it clear that he was “not rich in Bitcoin” as he had liquidated most of his money to buy a home last year.. The Redditor said at the time that the host “heard about Bitcoin on the news and got the general concept of it” but that “he was obviously very new to it”.

The Reddit post recalls one of the most famous stories in the cryptocurrency arena since the early days of Bitcoin.. The first documented commercial purchase with BTC was an order for two pizzas in May 2010, when A programmer paid 10,000 BTC – that’s now worth about $ 580 million –Â so a user of the Bitcoin Talk forum can send him two cakes from a Papa Johns store in the US.

The most recent Reddit post says that btcbible gave the retailer 0.05 BTC, or about $ 2,900 at the time of going to press. Cointelegraph asked Redditor for a comment but received no response.

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