A TON derivative in China starts its test network and a token airdrop, one of the many derivatives of Telegram’s non-launched blockchain network, has announced that its test network or test network is already active.

After announced plans for a separate TON network at the end of May, the test network started on July 28, project founder Tooz Wu told Cointelegraph.

The official TON test network will be closed on August 1st

Together with the start of testnet, performs an airdrop of mainnet tokens known as “TONcoins”. The latest airdrop is available to all telegram users and has 10 million TONcoins, said Wu.

A TON derivative in China starts its test network and a token airdrop
A TON derivative in China starts its test network and a token airdrop

The Chinese test network of the TON community, nicknamed “testnet3”, is presented as a continuation of the official TON test network, which is often referred to as “testnet2”.. When the official TON developer announced that its test network would be closed before August 1, 2020, invited the community to join the new test network as validators to continue using the network. was originally founded in China and has been internationalized since it was founded in May 2020. According to Wu, people from countries like China, Singapore and Russia are now among the most important project members.

Supported by the Chinese TON community, is not the only successor to the official TON network. There are at least two other initiatives that have decided to implement Telegram’s original open source blockchain technology after ending the project after a failed lawsuit with U.S. regulators.

Before Telegram officially abandoned the TON project on May 12, the Free TON community launched the “Free TON Blockchain” on May 7. Cointelegraph also reported a similar initiative called NewTON. Free TON recently distributed 1,342,000 tons of tokens in a series of competitions for network developers and validators.

On July 21, Hester Peirce of the SEC criticized the authorities for stopping the Telegram blockchain project.. The commissioner, widely known as the “crypto mom” for advocating new technologies and cryptocurrencies, said publicly that she did not support the SEC’s action against the blockchain project “Telegram” from day one.

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