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a storm is brewing for Ethereum

August 22, 2020

The latest insights in Cointelegraph Consulting’s bi-weekly newsletter suggest that Ether will not sustain its rally.

The ratio of market value to 365 days of realized value of the native Ethereum token Ether (ETH) is currently at a two-year high of 1.88. This indicates that long-term Ether owners are currently averaging over 88% of their original investment. This is the highest average profit for long-term Ether holders since February 2018, and there is a growing incentive to sell and profit.

In the last 30 days The collective balance of the ether mining pools has been reduced by more than 80,000 ETH (about $ 35,000,000 at current prices), suggesting that the ETH mining community has some level of concern about the possible short-term price of the ETH has a coin.

a storm is brewing for Ethereuma storm is brewing for Ethereum

On-chain data suggests a number of recent “idle” spikes in ETH coins, the direction of which has not changed in the past 365 days. Last month The idle circulation increased by 58.6% compared to the previous month, which indicates a possible sell-off by ETH owners and long-term investors.

In the past 24 hours, there has been one of the biggest bearish differences in the history of the Santiment trading model. shows a negative deviation of 106% of the daily active directions compared to their expected median value when reconciled with the expected median values ​​of the daily price.

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