A stir in Spain after ‘Mundo Crypto’ failed to host the high-quality event it was promoting

On Saturday July 10th, in Madrid, Spain, Mundo Crypto company hosted the MadBeach cryptocurrency event that ended in disagreement and discord.

The event itself was sponsored by Btrading, Wave Enterprise and Bybit. supported. Three companies that have immersed themselves in the cryptocurrency market since Bybit began trading cryptocurrencies through its platform, Wave Enterprise offers solutions based on blockchain and btrading dedicated to business development and consulting as well as investment analysis. Without leaving aside Mundo Crypto, which is dedicated to educating businesses and individuals about the cryptocurrency market.

Likewise, had 1,000 people in person, including major influencers and individuals with a constant presence on the internet, There were also around 13,000 people who had the experience on the web.

A stir in Spain after ‘Mundo Crypto’ failed to host the high-quality event it was promoting
A stir in Spain after ‘Mundo Crypto’ failed to host the high-quality event it was promoting

The aim of this event was to publicize the next promising project of the company Mundo Crypto and to continue to involve people from the blockchain environment and those who are not yet with information to inform them a little about this new digital ecosystem.

However, the enjoyment of the event was marred from the first moment as a link was leaked that allowed them to watch the entire show for free.

In the same way Many users also announced their dissatisfaction with the event via social networks, as it did not meet the high expectations of which they were speaking.

However, this wasn’t what weighed most. It was pointed out that days before the presentation of the new Mundo Crypto project, its value had risen and various investment entrepreneurs were investing large sums in the Altcoin Constellation (DAG). All of this, bet that Constellation could perhaps be the currency of choice.

But unfortunately for investors, the price of the cryptocurrency fell significantly after sales in the millions were generated. However, the minimum price at which the digital currency fell was 5 cents, but so far it has remained at 15 cents.

Even if Rumor has it that the sharp price hike that Constellation had came from a “pump and dump”. This is an operation in which the market is manipulated in order to make it more attractive and to profit from the object of purchase. Likewise this is said to have been caused by the company’s CEOalthough there is no conclusive evidence so far.

Most of all, Thawani said that with the prices as they were, he would not make any investment.

For its part, CryptoSpain was aware of all this excitement and didn’t take long to show its concern about the poor image this is giving the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

He was also in contact with a crypto expert known as “Teknautas” from the TikTok platform, who said so, according to the El Confidencial portal “It was a lack of respect for all those who trust him, his community. Besides, he doesn’t need him when, as he has said on other occasions, he deals with the money he manages.“All of this related to Mani Thawani, who previously announced that he would reward the people who bought the ticket to see his event virtually and who received the most hatred on social media.

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