A special US envoy to Ukraine attacks Giuliani and calls the allusion to the Biden “unacceptable”

The special ex-US from Ukraine to Kurt Volker. – Patsy Lynch

A White House advisor rejects that investigating the former vice president and his son was “a political objective”

The former US envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, has lashed out on Tuesday against Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer of the US president, Donald Trump, and has labeled the allusion to former vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, already unacceptable. possible investigation against him.

A special US envoy to Ukraine attacks Giuliani and calls the allusion to the Biden “unacceptable”
A special US envoy to Ukraine attacks Giuliani and calls the allusion to the Biden “unacceptable”

Within the framework of the third public hearing held in the House of Representatives for a possible 'impeachment' against the US leader, Volker – who has testified after White House advisers Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams – has said that the words of Giuliani about Ukraine were a “problem.”

In response to the question of Congressman Brad Wenstrup about the means used by Volker to carry out his work and convey his views to Trump, the special ex-envoy to Ukraine has indicated that he considered the “messages to Giuliani a problem” because “they did not convey the positive evaluation” that both Volker and other senior officials had of the new Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski.

Volker's testimony is of great importance for the investigation of the Intelligence Commission of the Lower House since it is one of the so-called “three friends” who met with Trump to talk about Ukrainian politics and would have worked directly with Giuliani to help to Kiev to write a statement about the investigations.

“I think it was important to try to solve the problem,” he said before stressing that Trump's allusion to Biden during his conversation with Zelenski on July 25 is “unacceptable.”

For the special ex-sender, there is a “clear distinction” between investigating the activity of the Ukrainian company Burisma, for which Biden's son worked, and opening a research on the Biden itself.

“Now I understand that some see the idea of ​​the investigation into possible corruption of the Burisma company as an equivalent to investigating former Vice President Biden. I saw it very differently. I believed that the first was appropriate and the last unacceptable,” he said.

Thus, he said that “in retrospect, he should have seen it differently” and stressed that, “now that he has done so, he has expressed his objections” in this regard.

Trump, meanwhile, has stressed in his Twitter account that it is “a great day for Republicans and for the country.”


Russia's National Security Council and White House adviser Tim Morrison said he never asked Ukrainians to investigate the Biden because “it was not a political objective.”

In this regard, he said that it is the president who “executes the foreign policy of the United States.”

Morrison also referred to Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, the main expert for Ukraine of the National Security Council of the White House who also appeared before the commission on Tuesday, and said that some workers expressed concern about the The fact that Vindman could be leaking information to the informant who filed the complaint about Trump's call with Zelenski.

The advisor, meanwhile, denied during his testimony having leaked any information and questioned the ability of Ukraine to conduct an “impartial” investigation into the Biden case.

Morrison and Volker, witnesses of the Republican Party, have described their concern about Giuliani's actions and have made clear his skepticism regarding the pressure exerted to open an investigation into Burisma.

Public appearances are called to lay the groundwork for the possible formal opening of a political trial against Trump. For the process to prosper, a majority of the House of Representatives should vote in favor, although Republicans are a majority in the Senate, where the aforementioned trial would take place.

Congress investigates a possible abuse of power by Trump for his telephone conversation with Zelenski, in which he asks the leader to do everything possible for the Prosecutor's Office to investigate Biden and his son.

The president of the United States has repeatedly accused Hunter Biden of being involved in corruption issues because of his advisory position in the Ukrainian gas company and has extended his accusation to Joe Biden, who says he was responsible for preventing judicial investigations into Your child's business management in Ukraine.

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