A Royal Window Into a Newly Minted Duchess

“It’s all about the F.A. Cup today,” a 35-year-old British consultant, Danny Meehan, told The Associated Press on Saturday, referring to the big soccer tournament that had its final that afternoon. In any case, Mr. Meehan added, he missed the cheering, flag-waving and swooning because he had been out house-hunting.

The lack of interest was echoed at one pub, the appropriately named Duke of Sussex, where the mood was mainly one of benign indifference. Yes, miniature American flags had been deployed in the pub in honor of the duchess. But many patrons had the weather on their minds instead.

“It’s irrelevant,” said Louise Broom, a 37-year-old teacher who had chosen instead to sun herself at a park nearby during the royal spectacle. She laughed off the idea, widely discussed in the news media, that the royal family’s addition of Ms. Markle — whose mother is African-American and whose father is white — was a move toward greater national tolerance.

A Royal Window Into a Newly Minted Duchess
A Royal Window Into a Newly Minted Duchess

“It’s not going to fix interracial relations,” Ms. Broom said.

Polls generally show high levels of popularity for the royal family — a recent Ipsos MORI survey found that only 15 percent of Britons thought that abolishing the monarchy would make the United Kingdom better off.

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