A protester shot in Hong Kong Police on a new day of protests

Hong Kong protesters in front of police water cannons. – Adryel Talamantes / ZUMA Wire / dpa – Archive

Several people set fire to a man during an altercation

A Hong Kong protester has been shot by gunfire when police have used real fire to disperse protests called for Monday, which has unleashed chaos in the special Chinese administrative region, which is already going through its sixth month of riots .

A protester shot in Hong Kong Police on a new day of protests
A protester shot in Hong Kong Police on a new day of protests

The incident has taken place in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, as reported by the local newspaper 'South China Morning Post', which has indicated that the protester has been transferred to a hospital where he is undergoing a kidney operation and liver

The young man, 21, is admitted to the intensive care unit in the hospital, where a concentration has been held in protest of what happened. Images broadcast on Cable TV show a man lying on a pool of blood with his eyes open.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Police has confirmed that it has used real ammunition in the altercations registered in the Sai Wan Ho area. A police source has denied the 'South China Morning Post' a hardening of the response of the agents following the visit to Beijing of the head of Hong Kong Government, Carrie Lam, last week.

“I don't see any correlation,” the source has defended. “The escalation in the use of force is a direct result of the violence used by protesters,” he stressed.

Subsequently, several people have set fire to a man in an altercation registered at an overpass in the city, as reported by the Police, who said that the injured man has been transferred to the hospital with second-degree burns in 28 percent of your body, mainly in the chest and arms.

In a video broadcast on social networks, you see a man who is sprayed with an undetermined substance. When he is moving away, the man shouts “you are not Chinese”, to which a group responds “we are Hongokeses”. Then, the man returns and a dispute occurs, in the middle of which they spray him with flammable liquid and set him on fire.

Train and subway services have been blocked early Monday, when protesters have barricaded. The riot police have gone to the main stations and shopping centers in an attempt to prevent protests from being transferred to these areas.

The latest wave of violence has occurred following the wall of Chow Tsz Lok, a student at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong who died Friday after succumbing to injuries caused by a fall during one of the demonstrations against authorities.

Chow, 22, fell several meters high from the third to the second floor of a parking lot full of protesters during a police dispersal maneuver last Monday.

Protests in Hong Kong broke out last June against a controversial bill of extradition to mainland China. The leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, eventually withdrew the bill, but protests have continued with greater demands, including universal suffrage.

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