A protester is shot dead during a protest against the Transitional Military Council in Chad

At least one person was shot dead by security forces with a rebel coalition during a demonstration in the Chadian city of Moundou in the south of the country against the Transitional Military Council (CMT), which was set up in combat last week after the death of President Idriss Déby.

The second largest city in Chad was the scene of a protest after opposition forces and civil society called for peaceful demonstrations against the CMT, led by Mahamat Idriss Déby, the son of the late president. The protesters died in the neighborhood of 15 years and his body was removed by the Red Cross.

According to the information from the Chadian news portal Alwihda, hundreds of people took part in the protest, which was quickly broken up by the security forces, and there were also concentrations in different parts of the city of the capital, N’Djamena, where several streets were left with barricades.

A protester is shot dead during a protest against the Transitional Military Council in Chad
A protester is shot dead during a protest against the Transitional Military Council in Chad

The security forces used tear gas in the capital, where there were arrests of demonstrators demanding the transfer of powers to a civilian government and the dissolution of the CMT, the establishment of which implied the dissolution of the executive and parliament.

Chadian Public Security Minister Souleuman Abakar Adoum approved a ban on demonstrations across the country on Monday, referring to “the exceptional situation” and “national mourning” that Chad is going through after Déby’s death.

The calls for mobilization were made by various opposition parties in addition to coordinating the citizens’ actions Wakit Tama and the Chadian Convention for the Defense of Human Rights (CTDDH), which denounced the “conquest of the state” by the CMT, who describe it as an “illegal and illegitimate institution, which is supported by France “.

Likewise, the parties integrated into the Alternance 21 coalition last week opposed a “monarchical” delegation of powers and called for a civilian-led transition through an “inclusive dialogue”, while the CMT’s new president reiterated that the body did not Ambitions to rule the country alone. “

The demonstrations were called hours after Albert Pahimi Padacké was appointed Prime Minister for the transition period, which was supposed to last 18 months, although the “Transition Gazette” published last week said it could be renewed at least once.

Pahimi Padacké was Déby’s Prime Minister between 2016 and 2018 when he stepped down after his dismissal. The politician, chairman of the National Group of Chadian Democrats (RNDT-Le Réveil), also came second in the April 11 presidential election, in which Déby had a sixth term as head of state.

The new Prime Minister has defended his decision to take the position in an interview with Radio France Internationale, in which he said that “the situation in the country requires that all Chadians face the challenges they face, above all”. Among other things, he highlighted “Peace and Stability”.

“The situation in Chad today is measured by the sacred association of the country’s children to save our nation in danger,” he said before recognizing that the CMT is the subject of controversy and criticism in the African country. “The controversy is part of things,” he insisted.

“What is not discussed is the interests of our people, their unity, stability and peace,” said the Prime Minister, who stressed that “Chad is a buffer in the fight against terrorism.” “If this dam fails, we know what that would mean for Chad, its people and Africa in general,” he warned.

For this reason, he has stressed that the country is “faced with an exceptional situation that does not allow political calculations” and added that “there are moments in life when challenges must be faced for the benefit of the people”. “I’d rather be the civil guarantee of peace and stability in our country,” he argued.

“You don’t have to look at things in terms of civilians and the military. Our situation today does not require such a separation between the military and civilians. I am talking about a sacred union between the sons of Chad to save the republic and the nation.” “he said. Riveted, according to the minutes of the interview published by Radio France Internationale.

The death of Déby, who has been in power since 1990 after leading a coup that toppled dictator Hissène Habré, amid the FACT offensive, is a major blow to the stability of the country and the country due to the importance of the country Region Land in the fight against international terrorism in the Sahel region and in the Lake Chad basin.

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