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A property buyer is sued because he wants to pay with “worthless” tokens

June 5, 2020

Mary Shea, a psychologist who has put her California house up for sale He sued buyer Mike Cherwenka for trying to pay 30% of the property’s value with a “useless” crypto asset called Troption. The dispute resulted in her not being able to sell the house while the Cherwenka company is still interested in buying it.

Shea accuses Cherwenka and her company Best Buy Homes of violating state laws and values before organized crime by deceiving yourself and other members of the public about the type of virtual currency troption.

His complaint is:

“Cherwenka and Best Buy cheated on Shea by running a program that offered to buy their property in cash, and then, under the program, made confusing and false statements in the real estate contract that they believed to license would ‘pay’ the property with the useless Troptions.Gold currency. ”

Five magic beans for a house

A property buyer is sued because he wants to pay with “worthless” tokensA property buyer is sued because he wants to pay with “worthless” tokens

After negotiating a sale price of $ 125,000 Shea claims that Cherwenka provided the contract with clauses regarding payment in Troptions. without further details.

The applicant claims that Your real estate agent assured you that an independent lawyer would confirm the funds However, before closing the deal, he later found that the lawyer was associated with Cherwenka.

On the day the contract is signed in March Cherwenka threatened to sue Shea when he retired after receiving instructions to open a digital wallet to accept the troptions. After Best Buy Homes refused to complete the sale, she sued Shea in a state court., although the case was invalid because Cherwenka’s name was on the contract instead of her company.

Despite the voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit Best Buy Homes has filed a lawsuit notification about property, prevent Shea from selling or renting the house, and to force the applicant to continue paying the mortgage.

“Every day Best Buy shows interest in his property while Shea can’t find a buyer pay with normal money, “says the lawsuit.

Shea claims that planned to use the proceeds from the sale to pay off your student loan debt.

Drops are worth nothing

Troptions.Gold is one of the ‘Troptions’ brand crypto assets, which are advertised by

Shea gives numerous examples of allegedly false statements, including those posted on the company’s website claims that the token can be freely exchanged for cash, and that the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission decided this Troptions.Gold comprises a basic product and no value.

The applicant added that the claims that the currency could be exchanged on the decentralized XCP market you are wrong, and suggested that there was evidence of this The operations of the deTroptions.Gold platform are manipulated.

Troption’s founder dies

Shea claims that Cherwenka is one of the many people who have greatly promoted the use of currency through social media posts and personal events.

In February 2019 was Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft issued an injunction to the Troptions Corporation and its founder Garland Harris, accuse the company of “selling an unregistered security and making false and misleading statements”, looking for fines of up to $ 60,000 for the violations.

Shay made that clear The lawsuit was later voluntarily dismissed because of Harris’ death, not because he was found to be unfounded.