A programmer manages to activate a Macbook Air for ETH

The global race for powerful graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies may have won a good alternative this week, with news that a programmer has managed to unlock an Apple MacBook Air to mine ether.

According to the Portuguese portal PPL Ware, programmer Yifan Gu announced this on GitHub has found a way to mine the cryptocurrency in the Ethereum network Ether on a MacBook Air with an Apple M1 processor.

The Apple M1 came out last year and promised a high level of performance and efficiency. Like the entire Apple product line, the processor provided on the MacBook network is also subject to a number of factory restrictions.

A programmer manages to activate a Macbook Air for ETH
A programmer manages to activate a Macbook Air for ETH

At the developer’s initiative, he managed to transform the MacBook Air into an ETH mining powerhouse. Yet, notes that the M1 is suitable for beginners in the mining process.

In addition, he gives further information and says that the efficiency of the chip with 2 megahashes per second and a power consumption between 17 and 20 watts is average. The potential daily revenue from the processor is $ 0.14, or about $ 4.20 per month.

In contrast to Nvidia’s lineup, one of the most sought-after GPU series by miners worldwide, the MacBook Air lags far behind. Nvidia’s simplest processor, the 30HX, can process 26 megabytes per second, 13 times more than the Apple device.

Despite the developer’s discovery, it is not the first time that miners have been able to convert an Apple device into mining cryptocurrencies.

In December 2020, programmers were able to dismantle Monero with the Apple M1. TOIt remains to be seen whether Apple’s lines can be good alternatives for bypassing the hardware shortage in cryptocurrency mining.

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