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A Mexican doesn’t say “it’s very expensive”, a Mexican says …

September 11, 2020

Learn about some of the most outstanding Mexicans in the country’s history.

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A Mexican doesn’t say “it’s very expensive”, a Mexican says …A Mexican doesn’t say “it’s very expensive”, a Mexican says …

This September, our national month (not the Cinco de Mayou), like Juan Escutia, we will introduce ourselves to the history of our country and remember some Mexican characters who made a difference in Mexico.

This 2020 year it appeared to have been painted by Frida Kahlo herself, and before it got misinterpreted I mean that it was full of surrealism and beyond the limits of reason. For this reason, in this note, we will highlight why today more than ever it deserves to be proud to be Mexican.

Today it is more important than ever to remember that we are more than the news.

It must be remembered that Mexico has gone through myriad economic and political contexts throughout history, but that there are and were Mexicans who have never given up and who, like good Mexicans, “have not cracked” as they would have said. Octavio Paz.

There is not enough space to put in this note all those Mexicans who have made a positive contribution to our country. However, these are some of them that have broken paradigms across various industries.
Meet up with these strange facts about Mexicans who deserve an ovation:

  1. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla: Of course we will start to recognize the father of the nation. A great example that we can have different religions and ideologies but the common good will always unite us as human beings.
    Historians point out that on the day of his execution he had chocolate and a glass of milk for breakfast, and that minutes before he was murdered, he distributed candy to the soldiers who would kill him.
  2. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: “Stupid men who blame women for no reason…” This admirable woman learned to read and write at the age of three, and she wrote her first loa when she was eight. As a revolutionary woman for her time, she wondered about marriage and the gray fate of women who had to submit to their husbands.
  3. Cantinflas: Mexican comedian who made it to the big screen in Hollywood. He received two nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and Lifetime Achievement Recognition from the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Recognizable Mexican for breaking international barriers that sometimes lag behind Latin American talent. His only mistake was that he went to America.
  4. Antonio López de Santa Anna: YOU NO.
  5. Roberto Gómez Bolaños: actor, comedian, playwright, writer, screenwriter, composer, director and producer of the Mexican television, better known as “Chespirito”, from the diminutive of the Spanish pronunciation of Shakespeare: “Shakespearito”.
    He always used Ch to name the characters he played: “El Chavo, El Chapulín Colorado, Doctor Chapatín, Chómpiras, Chaparrón Bonaparte and Vicente Chambón”. He mentioned that it was because all of his characters were good “ch_ngones”.


  6. Luis Barragán: Mexican engineer and architect of the 20th century, winner of the Pritzker Prize. The Torres de Satélite and the Luis Barragán Study House are among his most outstanding works. His remains were wrapped in the Mexican flag and wrapped in the central hall of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.
  7. Guillermo del Toro: The Mexican director and filmmaker, who was a vegetarian for 4 years after visiting The Texas Massacre, has topped the Mexican flag with multiple awards including the Golden Globe, Goya Awards, Oscar Awards and BAFTA Awards upscale, Silver Condor Awards, including a talent of green, white and red that makes us all proud.
  8. Yalitzia Aparicio: Oaxaqueña was named “the best performance of 2018” by Time Magazine for having captured millions of hearts with her charm thanks to the film ROMA by Cuarón, a casting that initially made her think it was a trap to try people.
  9. Carlos Slim: Mexican businessman, philanthropist and engineer, and not without mentioning one of the richest men in the world. Deserves to be admired and emulated for his flawless career. While some blame the external factor for their economic situation, there are few others who do not see it as an obstacle to success.
  10. Guillermo González Camarena: Mexican engineer and inventor who thanks to him can enjoy color television and quoted: “To invent something is just as important as to make it known.”
  11. Isaac Hernández: Professional ballet dancer who has received the highest award in his discipline internationally, the “Benois de la Danse”, which was awarded to the best dancer in the world by the Moscow International Dance Association. The only Mexican dancer with this distinction. In addition, he is considered one of the 1000 most influential personalities in London.
  12. Enrique Olvera: Mexican chef who, despite the controversy a few months ago, cannot recognize his extraordinary, internationally excellent gastronomic vision.

Mexico is a land of opportunity, we are a country full of culture and folklore, a country with capable people who invent them when they cannot find opportunities.
And while that note implies nationalism, it just takes a little grace to be Mexican, and as Chavela Vargas once replied in an interview:

– Yes, I am Mexican.

– Chavela, but you were born in Costa Rica.

– We Mexicans are born where we get the damn victory!


Happy Patriotic Month!

Valeria Oehmichen Gastelum
Expansion director at CENTURY 21 MEXICO

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