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A longtime supervisor at said he was the victim of a foul on the website

June 26, 2020

Will Binns, one of’s superiors, said he had lost access to the website and claimed that a violation could have occurred.

“, where many people also download the latest version of Bitcoin Core software, is now at risk of being compromised if it hasn’t already,” said Binns in a post on Github on June 24. is in transition is an important point for the formation of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain. The website, which is considered the original product of Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, has changed hands several times in the past ten years since the creator’s departure.

A longtime supervisor at said he was the victim of a foul on the websiteA longtime supervisor at said he was the victim of a foul on the website

According to reports Nakamoto handed the management of the website over to a group of people. A controversial anonymous character named Cobra has overseen the project in recent years. He recently announced his plans to gradually transfer the project this year as his involvement wanes..

Cobra skipped Binns

Cobra “removed my access, took control of the site, in addition to the code repositories”said Binns in his mail of June 24th. “I don’t think Cobra is the only and legitimate owner, nor does he have the right to do these things for no reason.”

Cobra explained who has withdrawn Binns from the company due to improper workBinns wrote and claimed that these claims were false. “This is out of context to manipulate public opinion and violate my rights and the rights of others.”said Binns. “I think you want to illegally transfer ownership of the website without proper procedures, and this may just be the beginning.”

The publication of Binns aims to get community support based on recent events to take legal actionHe added that the capital associated with the project was safely delegated, although the website itself remains at risk.

Greg Maxwell takes action

Greg Maxwell, a longtime Bitcoin developer and member of the crypto community, he commented in Binns’ post. “Your position appears to be a wrong and inappropriate response to Cobra Bitcoin, suggesting that he is considering not giving you unilateral control over”Said Maxwell.

Maxwell added:

“In particular, urgent processing is not necessary since nothing has changed: Cobra currently maintains real control over the domain, as was the case for years, long before you participated, about which you have not complained until now” .

Maxwell said Cobra contacted him on June 24. Cobra essentially clarified that Binns is not the owner of and feared that Binns would present itself, in whole or in part, as a capable owner and seller of the website.

At first glance, Maxwell said he saw these claims as a little bit dramatic. However, Binns’ response changed Maxwell’s tone, which now seems to agree with Cobra’s fears.

Maxwell said:

“I still think it’s probably primarily a misunderstanding fueled by high emotions (and Cobra’s brilliant way of behaving like a sick person) … but confirms the public demand for funds for a legal attack essentially the least criticizable interpretation of your actions “.

The Bitcoin developer concluded Ask Binns to check the situation with a clearer head and after thinking about it for a while.