A little perspective on Bitcoin

It is hard to keep things in perspective in the cryptoworld, the price of Bitcoin is falling after reaching a high of almost $20,000, but is it ?

The future of bitcoin is certainly up for debate, what I offer you in this post is a bit of perspective based on the past and current performance of Bitcoin.

In order to understand the past, it is helpful to divide it and measure certain periods; years are popular in finance as a means of measuring overall performance, here is a set of charts tracking the Year to Date performance of Bitcoin…Enjoy the trip down memory lane :


And how about this year ? here you go:


Brief Discussion:

  • The year still has 9 days left, unless there is some mayor correction, this would be either the 2nd or 3rd best performing year of Bitcon.
  • Within this yearly perspective so far it’s been a minor correction and still above 1,000% which are astonishing returns.
  • A repeat of this years performance ( 1,311 %) will mean that at the end of 2018 one BTC would be worth a wooping $ 197,488 , while a repeat of the worst performing year 2014 (-59%) would mean one BTC would be worth $5,770.
A little perspective on Bitcoin
A little perspective on Bitcoin

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