A Likud MP calls two right-wing politicians against Netanyahu “suicide bombers”.

Likud MP May Golan has labeled right-wing leaders Yamina and Nueva Esperanza, Naftali Bennett and Gideon Saar as “suicide bombers” because they signed a coalition agreement that could remove incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power.

“The most dangerous thing about public leaders are those who have nowhere to go, and nowhere for Bennett and Saar to go back,” said Golan, a member of Netanyahu’s party. He argued that “while there is a world of difference, I would compare them to suicide bombers”.

When asked whether she was not going too far with her statements, the MP said “no”. “I’ll say why. They’re like terrorists who don’t believe in anything anymore, who commit suicide even when they know it’s their death sentence. They don’t care because they’re Shiites,” he said.

A Likud MP calls two right-wing politicians against Netanyahu “suicide bombers”.
A Likud MP calls two right-wing politicians against Netanyahu “suicide bombers”.

Golan, who repeatedly refused to resign, insisted that both politicians had decided to “die with the Philistines,” referring to a statement made about a person who preferred to commit suicide in order to destroy their enemies, as reported by the newspaper “The Times of” Israel ‘.

“He will not withdraw those words,” he said after being warned that the Israeli authorities are targeting suicide bombers with targeted killings. “We cannot always carry out selective attacks,” Golan added, without giving any further explanation of his allegations.

The MP’s words came after Nadav Argaman, chief of Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet, warned against incitement and hate speech on social media in light of the threat of renewed political violence.

For his part, Netanyahu on Sunday harshly indicted the government agreement of opposition leader Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid, which he described as “a government of surrender” that sympathizes with terrorism and that he has promised to overthrow as soon as possible.

“This dangerous left-wing government will paralyze the expansion of settlements and give in to the pressure of the Americans on the (nuclear) deal with Iran, which threatens our very existence,” said the incumbent Prime Minister, popularly known as Bibi ‘.

Netanyahu, however, condemned the pressures both Bennett and Lapid face from far-right sectors. “It’s something I want to condemn, even though I remember the incitement against us also ran amok,” he argued.

The coalition put together by Lapid, which reached an agreement hours before the deadline, will eventually become a colorful amalgam of parties such as Blue and White, the Labor Party, Yisrael Beiteinu, Meretz and New Hope and Yesh. consist of Atid, Yamina and the Common Arabic List.

The coalition was announced after Joint Arab List leader Mansur Abbas gave his support late Wednesday in making the formation the first Arab-Israeli party to sign an agreement to form a government in Israel.

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