A large center for the transformation of AI processes was opened in Bogotá with IBM

IBM The leading US company for cloud platforms and cognitive solutions recently announced that opened in Bogotá, Colombia is the largest center for the transformation of artificial intelligence (AI) processes in Latin Americato. The company wants to be able to support companies in various industries such as banking, telecommunications, gas and energy.

In the cognitive center of transformation, IBM will manage end-to-end processes for tasks such as finance and administration (Accounting, bookkeeping, accounts payable, reports, treasury, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business. This technology can fundamentally change many companies and cause disruption in certain sectors. AI is not a technology, but a series of technologies and building blocks that use data to unlock intelligent values ​​in different sectors and business functions.

“This is one of our bets for the region in terms of disruptive technologies, local talent and skills for the fourth industrial revolution. In times like COVID-19, investing in areas such as customer service and training in new skills is critical, “said Ana Paula Assis, CEO of IBM Latin America, in an interview with MDC’s” Business Money “.

A large center for the transformation of AI processes was opened in Bogotá with IBM
A large center for the transformation of AI processes was opened in Bogotá with IBM

Assis, believes that the region is experiencing a rapid acceleration in technological acceptance and that the goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is not to replace human capabilities, but to complement them.

AI can execute instructions effectively and even recognize new trends or patterns, but is not yet able to identify and initiate new tasks itself.

Remember that, although it is inevitable that technology will eliminate many jobs, It is obvious that you cannot eliminate them all. Creativity, ingenuity and human empathy are skills that the machine cannot currently reproduce. And AI cannot work without human leadership.

First IBM employees with more than 8,500 hours of training

The first IBM employees to work in the Cognitive Transformation Center have already received more than 8,500 hours of training in agile methods, Connectivity tools and new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The technology company emphasizes that the transformation driven by cognitive processes is one of the pillars of IBM Services’ global growth and one of its main priorities in Latin America.

Accelerate technological adoption

Remember that technological acceptance in the region is accelerating rapidly as all economic and social sectors have suffered from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and have had to continue to operate with technology.

According to the latest report from the World Economic Forum, more than 42% of all jobs will change significantly by 2022 and require new skills such as the use of advanced analysis and problem-oriented resources with critical thinking and resilience.

IBM is helping to implement a strategy to prioritize data, complemented by third-party sources, and integrate with other advanced technologies such as IoT and intelligent automation to get concrete business information faster.

The transformation center will digitally manage, optimize and reinvent corporate processes and services for customers using data analysis, cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and other technologies.

This also includes personnel, purchasing (tactical and strategic support and management of operational transaction purchases), customer service and the sales cycle (management by third parties, complaints and claims management, reading, debt collection, billing, project management, debt collection). and knowledge management).

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