A judge orders Lula to be released after the Supreme Court ruling on the execution of sentences

Supporters of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – Cris Faga / ZUMA Wire / dpa – Archive

A federal judge has ordered Friday to release former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who purges two convictions for corruption, in compliance with the recent ruling of the Supreme Court (STF) that states that the convicted do not begin to serve the sentence until it is firm.

The STF decided on Thursday, by six votes in favor and five against, to revoke the law that establishes that convicts begin to serve their sentences after losing their first appeal and, instead, to allow them to exhaust the long appeals process before entering prison.

A judge orders Lula to be released after the Supreme Court ruling on the execution of sentences
A judge orders Lula to be released after the Supreme Court ruling on the execution of sentences

Lula's defense, which has been jailed since April 2018, had rushed to request his “immediate release” under the ruling of the Supreme Court, a request that federal judge Danilo Pereira has granted, so the leftist leader will be released this Friday. .

Supporters of the leftist leader have been approaching throughout the day at the Federal Police Superintendence of Curitiba, where he is imprisoned, to witness his departure, according to the Brazilian newspaper 'Folha'.

His release does not mean that he has been exonerated, but will wait in freedom to exhaust the remedies in the two sentences he has received to date and that could increase, since he has been charged in five other cases derived from 'Lava Jato 'and has three pending complaints.

Lula was sentenced in July 2017 to nine and a half years in prison for accepting a luxury triplex as payment to the political favors he made to the construction company OAS. Subsequently, the penalty was changed, first to twelve years and one month and finally to eight years and ten months.

Last February, the former union leader received a second conviction for corruption. This time, twelve years and eleven months in jail for the reforms that the construction companies OAS and Odebrecht made in a rural property attributed to Lula in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, also as payment to their political favors.

Lula has fought both failures by all means. In the case of the luxury triplex, he has elevated it to the highest judicial instance in Brazil claiming the nullity of the entire process due to the alleged bias of the judge in charge of it, the now Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro. The other case is in the second instance.

Since last September he is semi-open because he has already served a sixth of the first sentence, but he has refused to enjoy it because he considers that it is only a handout against what he claims, his freedom.

The former tenant of the Planalto Palace has become the highest ranking prisoner of the 'Operation Lava Jato', which investigates the collection of bribes in exchange for political benefits. The corruption scandal has splashed all parties, as well as businessmen.

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