A Johnson spokesman denies that he groped two women 20 years ago

MANCHESTER, Sep. 30 (Reuters / EP) –

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected Monday the accusations of two women who have said that 20 years ago the then director of the magazine 'The Spectator' groped them.

As Johnson prepares to remove the United Kingdom from the European Union on October 31, his past relations with several women have been called into question. The accusations of these two women are overshadowing the annual Conservative Party conference, which opened on Sunday.

A Johnson spokesman denies that he groped two women 20 years ago
A Johnson spokesman denies that he groped two women 20 years ago

The opinion journalist Charlotte Edwardes wrote in the newspaper 'The Sunday Times' that Johnson had groped her during a meal when he was director of the magazine 'The Spectator' in 1999. “Underneath the table, I felt Johnson's hand on my thigh, squeezing it, “Edwardes wrote. “His hand was very high and he had enough flesh under his fingers to make me suddenly sit up straight,” he said.

Edwardes entrusted this information to the woman who during that meal sat next to Johnson's gold and she revealed that she had also suffered touch from the now Prime Minister, according to the reporter in her column.

Johnson's spokesman has stated that “the accusation is uncertain,” to which Edwardes has replied from his Twitter account that “if the prime minister does not remember the facts,” then clearly her memory is superior to that of the politician.

British Finance Minister Sajid Javid said on Monday that he “spoke with the prime minister and that, to begin with, it could not have been clearer that the accusations are not true,” the BBC reports.

The London City Council, governed by Labor Sadiq Khan, reported Friday that he has moved an accusation against Johnson to the Police for a possible irregularity when he was mayor of the city for granting subsidies to the company of an American friend.

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