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A “growth hacker” hid 100 stickers in a town to give away Bitcoin Cash

September 18, 2020

An anonymous benefactor rigged social media to get the news in the California city of Bakersfield and promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

According to a blog post on September 17th “Bitcoin Man of Bakersfield” (BMB), a self-described “anonymous growth strategist and media manipulator”, This week, 100 stickers with a QR code from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) valued at a total of $ 1,100 were selectively placed on the streets of the city.

“Giving away cryptocurrencies helps people, but the real motivation is to spread awareness in fun and interesting ways.” he told Cointelegraph.

A “growth hacker” hid 100 stickers in a town to give away Bitcoin Cash
A “growth hacker” hid 100 stickers in a town to give away Bitcoin Cash

To encourage people to continue the treasure hunt, included mysterious clues from other locations such as “the gold you are looking for is with the priest”, Allusion to the prominent statue of the Father Francisco Garcés out of town, where BMB had placed the gift with the highest value of $ 500 in BCH.

In a shameless PR stunt The photos of the stickers have been edited to look like they’ve received tons of likes, shares, and comments on Instagram and Facebook. With the “rising” social media response, BMB asked those who found the stickers to contact the local media, which led to increased coverage and interest. Of the $ 1,100 that was distributed, approximately $ 80 in gifts was unclaimed or the stickers may have been disposed of by local vendors before BMB removed them.

The resident of Bakersfield, Indiana London said he spotted a sticker and downloaded a wallet for the first time, despite initially thinking the gift was a scam.

“I scanned some stickers in my bitcoin wallet app elsewhere and added a total of $ 125 to my account“said.

BMB told local news agency ABC TV that it was motivated to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Bakersfield. so people can avoid “The Fractional Reserve Banking Scam” and educate others about it “Paper money not supported by anything” and he was referring to the Federal Reserve, which kept printing dollars.

The Bitcoin Cash benefactor, who usually lives out of town, said it will stay in the city of 393,000 for the time being, with another planned gift of more than $ 2,000 at a later date. Although the source of your money is a secret, BMB accepts donations from BCH via their blog. Blockchain Register Show that at the time of writing, your wallet has BCH 7.62, or about $ 1,781.

BMB said that with these gifts it specifically addresses “new coiners” and “non-coiners”, People who are new to the crypto community or who may never have considered it. Although he admitted that some cryptocurrency fans had already collected more than one prize from BCH, The man claiming the $ 500 prize allegedly knew very little about it other than to say that he “heard about Bitcoin years ago”.

Source: Bitcoin Man of Bakersfield

Although BCH advocate Roger Ver, tweeted A clip on campaign news and picked up In the past, BMB stated that their efforts are not related to the platform, nor only apply to Bitcoin Cash. Said he was ready to give away Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR), However, choose BCH because of the low fees and the fact that you can print stickers to make your gifts through

“I like to do that with every top 10 coin.” said. “My goal is to attract as many looks as possible.”

“If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, stop fighting with others. Use your energy to share it with others. Don’t just tell someone to buy bitcoin, send them something. Show them it to them. “

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