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A ñ ez says that Morales cannot á stand for the new elections: “Go looking for a candidate”

November 14, 2019


The self-proclaimed interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, announced Thursday that former president Evo Morales will not be able to attend the new presidential elections that he intends to hold to settle the political crisis unleashed by the alleged fraud in the previous elections.

“Tell the MAS (Movement to Socialism) that they have every right to participate in the elections (and) that they are looking for a candidate (…): Evo and Álvaro are not qualified for a fourth term,” said Añez in an appearance , as reported by the local press.

A ñ ez says that Morales cannot á stand for the new elections: “Go looking for a candidate”A ñ ez says that Morales cannot á stand for the new elections: “Go looking for a candidate”

The second vice president of the Senate already advanced on Wednesday that she had assumed with two objectives: to hold presidential elections and to repeal the Constitutional Court ruling that allowed Morales and his vice president, Álvaro García Linera, to aspire to a fourth term against the 2017 referendum.

“It is not the first time Morales has stolen the Bolivian vote, he did it before February 21,” said the opposition senator, referring to the popular consultation almost three years ago.

Bolivia is in deep crisis since the presidential elections of October 20. The official results gave Morales the victory, but the opposition candidate Carlos Mesa denounced a “gigantic fraud” of the Government.

Both sides called for the mobilization of their supporters, which resulted in clashes, blockades and looting that have resulted in at least ten dead and hundreds of detainees.

In this context, Morales agreed that the Organization of American States (OAS) conducted an electoral audit that has finally confirmed irregularities. In response, the still president agreed to hold new elections, despite which the uniformed claimed his departure from the Burned Palace.

Morales resigned on the same Sunday and Monday night (local time) embarked on a plane to Mexico, where he arrived Tuesday as a political asylum. “As long as I have life, we continue in politics,” he has already proclaimed on Mexican soil.

Añez, second vice president of the Senate, has been proclaimed interim president, since both García Linera and the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies – which would precede it in the succession line drawn by the Constitution – have also resigned. You have already appointed a new Government.

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