The project developer of Bitcoin and Lightning Network, John Cantrell explained how he successfully hacked a BTC address by checking around a billion seed combinations in 30 hours. The feat was accomplished in a competition launched on Twitter by Alistair Milne, CIO of the Atlanta Digital Currency Fund.

Milne published suggestions for a 12-word bitcoin wallet seed over several days. Cantrell managed to force the mnemonic with only 8 of the 12 words and eventually won the 1 BTC prize that was included.

The developer has rented several graphics cards

A developer successfully hacks a Bitcoin wallet to win a contestA developer successfully hacks a Bitcoin wallet to win a contest

Cantrell chose to rent multiple graphics cards through Microsoft’s GPU markets and Azure cloud computing service after finding that his Macbook with its CPU seed solver he wrote could only check 1,250 mnemonic combinations per second . equal.

The developer explained:

“I was worried that others would do the same, so I included a BTC miner fee of B 0.01. I didn’t even think this was enough, and I thought there could be a “zero race” where people keep increasing the rate to get the miners to start their transactions on the next block. “