A control room for operation on multiple CEX and DEX

The Cresio platform was born in Spain as it needs to include control of different parts of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a single area. In other words, the combination of the possibility of simultaneous operation on multiple CEX and DEX on a single platform with extended functionality for users regardless of their level of knowledge.

These functionalities are carried out in an intuitive environment with audiovisual aids that enable an agile and controlled experience.

Problems and solutions

CRESIO was faced with the need to address the current shortcomings of the various CEX and DEX, including the lack of information and the few tools that improve the investment experience for the user.

A control room for operation on multiple CEX and DEX
A control room for operation on multiple CEX and DEX

Because of this problem, they have focused their efforts on investigating and understanding the bugs that CEX and DEX are suffering from today in order to develop a platform that solves this problem and makes it easy to use in an intuitive environment that shows the best possible.

The priority was to create an easy-to-use interface to combine multiple CEX and DEX within the platform, eliminating the need to constantly switch between multiple windows in the browser when working on different CEX and DEX .TO at the same time

The vision of Cresio is oriented towards the present and the future and develops a practical and fast system for the integration of new tools.


Some places you can operate through Cresio are: Binance, CoinbasePro, Bittrex, JamonSwap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap.

What does Cresio solve?

There are many properties that Creció offers that can be taken into account:

  • CEX and DEX standardization, which drastically shortens the access time.

  • Improvements to DEX operations that simplify the buy / sell system and add features such as buy and sell orders, stop-loss, and programmable operations.

  • Quick and easy with a simple click when changing CEX and DEX

  • Easily and quickly with a simple click when changing cryptocurrencies and placed orders such as the active ones.

  • Individual help in each panel with explanations of use and purpose, supported by a video tutorial.

  • Unification of the data of all cryptocurrencies that are present in CEX and DEX, synchronized with the CRESIO platform, which not only extends the market information, but also the project of each individual.

  • Visualization and control of active operations, such as the last ones carried out in real time in various CEX and DEX, are accessible from every section of the CRESIO platform.

  • Export of all standardized histories and balances individually or as a whole in a clear tabular list for the presentation of financial accounts.

  • Ability to create price alerts, volumes, 24 hour changes, trends, inclusion of new cryptocurrencies in some CEX or DEX, etc.

  • Integration of an automated calculator that shows the differences and percentages of the operations performed.

  • Unification of data and statistics that can be exported in different formats.


In a market as extensive as the current one, signals are given a valuable role as they complicate numerous operations, decisions and the level of alertness in most cases.

For this reason, Cresio has developed different types of signals: Â

Scalping signals They are the ones who show the difference between the buy order and the sell order, suggesting that cryptocurrencies have the best opportunity to perform operations in a short period of time and thus benefit from the difference.

Volume change signals in 1, 5, 15 and 30 minutes they show the movement of the cryptocurrencies during these periods and can predict the others.

Demand and supply signals indicate that cryptocurrencies have a bigger difference, which shows those who have important supports.

Future price signals They show the trend of every crypto currency and can program targeted warnings.

Signs of price changes in 24 hours and trend changes

In addition, they keep adding signals, which makes it an attractive and useful tool.

Visual characteristics of the platform

The control of open processes and recent movements should be emphasized.

Visualization of open operations in all CEX and DEX continuously in all sections, with a page area that can be shown or hidden with a simple click.

The user can observe every active operation in which CEX and DEX the order is placed, which cryptocurrency is operated, the price of the order as well as the last price of the same, and has the option to quickly cancel the operation. The ability to view the most recent operations where Exchange or DeFi was carried out, the purchase or sale, the closing time of the operation and the cryptocurrency traded.

Video tutorials: Â

In the sections of the platform, there is a question mark (?) On the side of the title of each block. Pressing it will bring up a video tutorial explaining the function of each point within the platform in detail in about 30 ” minutes you will know how to use the basic functions of the platform in an agile and fluid way.

Advantages of operation via Cresio®

â ?? ¢ Time required: Â

Thanks to the unification of CEX and DEX, the user will be able to make profitable the time he spends avoiding multiple identifications and the resulting learning of the operation in each CEX and DEX. With CRESIO all you have to do is learn how to use the platform, which has been developed to offer an intuitive user interface and extensive aids for user learning. The main goal is to abstract the user from all aspects related to the operation of each of the various CEX and DEX so that they can focus on the most important aspects, achieve profitability, and gain knowledge.

â ?? ¢ Speed ​​of action: Â

Since the speed of decision-making often has a significant impact on profitability, speed of action is essential. For this reason, we designed the platform with easy-to-understand tools and an intuitive interface.

â ?? Control: Â

With the platform, the user has, among other things, controlled each of the operations, personalized histories, uniform or individual balances, changes to CEX and DEX, various warnings, operational planning, rig control, registration in airdrops and other advantages, great accessibility to control your accounts.

â ?? ¢ Economic Profitability: Â

With a number of tools implemented in the CRESIO platform that display advanced and organized information, the user can know which markets are best suited to invest with the greatest likelihood of realizing economic benefits with the aim of that User gets more benefits of operating on the platform than using the CEX or DEX individually.

â ?? ¢ Programmable Operations: Â

It has a large number of tools for executing trading operations and incorporates basic buy, sell, stop loss and dynamic stop loss or scalping operations. In this way, it offers simplicity and speed in terms of switching between operations and prices with a simple click, programming automated future orders of continuous buying and selling, including the ability to program orders with goals, static stop-loss and dynamic, that is Manage the automatic or manual monitoring of the growth of digital assets.

â ?? ¢ Participation:

From Cresio, they want users to be part of the development of the platform. Because of this, they insist that you send them suggestions and ideas on how to grow and innovate the platform. The more the CRESIO platform is used, the more suggestions are based based on the individual needs of each user, thus forming a more complete and intuitive platform in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Price of the service

Access to the CRESIO platform has 4 possible payment methods:

-FOR FREE. 0â ?? ¬ / month

-BASIC. € 20 / month

-DEFAULT. € 30 / month

-BONUS. € 50 / month

The modalities are only paid for with the XCRE token.

The XCRE token

XCRE is a utility token created on the MATIC network (polygon) that allows the user to pay for access to the platform.

XCRE can currently be purchased from DEX JamonSwap

The news is that the Creció token is available in coinmarketcap and listed on Uniswap.

XCRE pile systems

STAKE (a fixed annual 8% share of tokens) (first year).

STAKE + LP a fixed annual 18% of the tokens in LP participation. (First year)

After the STAKE of the first year: 50% of the fees charged by Cresio for the platform are distributed among the holders as follows:

40% will be allocated to the Unitholders at 30% and 70% to the Unitholders with LP. 5% for owners of a Cresio NFT

The remaining 5% is burned.

NFTs from Cresio

Unique parts for holder XCRE. The NFTs will be distributed in two ways, through a lottery among all Cresio holders and through bidding on the marketplace.

In order to be able to participate in the raffle for a Cresio NFT Card, one must be registered in the Cresio NFT holder system in the User Control Panel and have at least a percentage of the XCRE received on December 20 in the wallet, or holder of the old CRES tokens with at least 500,000 CRESÂ

NFTs functions: Â

Available units: 1 for the raffle and 3 for the marketplace (burning) â ???? 1 reserved Free access to the platform for life. (Premium fee)

Receive dividends when collecting payment for using the platform. Price according to bid starting price 12000 XCRE

The XCRE obtained from the bid on the card will be burned.

Avatar for copy traders on Multiexchange®

Available units: 1 for the raffle and 9 for the marketplace (burning)

50% discount on the payment of the access fee to the platform for life. Receive dividends when collecting payment for using the platform. Price according to bid starting price 6000 XCRE

The XCRE obtained by bidding the card is burned Avatar for Copytrader in MultiexchangeÂ

Available units: 1 for the raffle and 9 for the marketplace (burning) 15% discount on the payment of the access fee to the platform for life. Receive dividends when collecting payment for using the platform. Price according to bid starting price 3000 XCRE

The XCRE obtained by offering the card is burned as an avatar for copy traders in Multiexchange

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