â ???? Blockchain technology is the key to the future of a good customer experience, ”says the Spanish consultant

Omega CRM, a Spanish company that specializes in creating 360 transformation experiences to connect customers and organizations through the use of technology and data, has presented a report to Cointelegraph in Spain that highlights the benefits for customers and businesses the use of blockchain for the customer experience will be explained.

Omega CRM was founded in 2002 and indicates that blockchain technology is used in a wide variety of areas such as banking, identity, supply chain traceability, insurance, IoT decentralization, notary, etc. Because a recent study by Gartner determines its possible future value and predicts that blockchain’s commercial added value will increase by more than $ 176 million in 2025 and continue to grow until it exceeds 3.1 trillion in 2030.

Among the advantages that blockchain promotes for customers and companies, they include from Omega CRM: trust and transparency, security and traceability, security and good data usage and finally smart contracts, each of which is explained as follows:

Trust and transparency

â ????  Blockchain technology is the key to the future of a good customer experience, ”says the Spanish consultant
â ???? Blockchain technology is the key to the future of a good customer experience, ”says the Spanish consultant

â ???? Blockchain technology is based on the transparency and traceability of the transmitted data, so that companies can use this function to increase consumer confidence and, for example, permanently display all activities related to customers. This can lead to higher brand loyalty and an overall better user experience (CX) thanks to the increased customer trust that is essential in the technological context in which we live. According to the Drive Long-Term Trust Loyalty Through Transparency study, up to 94% of consumers said they were more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency, while 73% were willing to pay more for a product that offers total transparencyâ? ???, they said.

Security and traceability

• One of the most important areas for business improvement is cybersecurity, especially the security of their customers’ data. According to the latest Hiscox Cyberpreparation Report, 45% of Spanish SMEs consider themselves “???? Cybernovatas “?? and that’s why they have increased their IT budget by 56%, from 95 million euros in 2020 to 149 million euros in 2021. One of the most important technologies in which they have invested their budget is blockchain as it can serve to ensure the security and traceability of customer data. Every process and every transaction is encrypted and given a unique identification code that is verified by the community in a completely decentralized manner. In this way, customers can guarantee the reliability of their data and its security, can see whether someone has tampered with this data and guarantee the independence of the entire process, ”they commented.

Simplification and good use of data

â ???? According to data from Comscore and , 56% of buyers expect a variety of payment options every time they arrive at the virtual checkout, but at the same time customers want more agility in the buying process. The use of the blockchain changes this paradigm completely, as the customer does not have to provide all of his data to the company, but instead these are replaced by a blockchain code that is used for identification. Hence, the CX would be completely transformed and would be a faster and easier buying process, while at the same time the customer decides whether or not to share data with the companies with the best reputation and service. These companies could get the most of this data by integrating it with a CRM that would allow them to quickly merge and merge existing data, along with data integrity checks, ”they argued.

Smart contracts

• In the last year there has been a sharp increase in online purchases of goods and services of all kinds. According to the 2021 e-commerce study? In 2021, compared to 2020, e-commerce users will buy 3.8 times a month online and the average expenditure per purchase act will also increase and reach an average value of 89 euros (68 euros in 2020 and 64 euros in 2019). The implementation of blockchain technology would ensure the optimal delivery of all kinds of parcels to the customer, as there is currently no explicit contract that guarantees the status of the delivery of goods and services. Its application would imply a pre-purchase agreement setting one amount to be paid for proper delivery and another in case of defects, which benefits the customer, who formally guarantees optimal delivery and the best possible customer experience. they pointed out. .

Omega CRM commented that companies have recognized the importance of blockchain, and so much so that, according to a recent study by PwC, 84% of the companies surveyed were in some way involved in this technology, even though 30% see China as a leading country , it is already being implemented in Spain. For his part, Josep Sauleda Roig, CIO of Omega CRM, believes companies are realizing the importance of blockchain and – for the future of their business – many of them have already incorporated this technology into their next investment plans. Aside from the inherent benefits of this technology, the challenge for companies is to get the most out of this technology, improve their customer experience, and thereby maximize long-term investments, ”he added.

Beneficial for adoption

Finally, it should be added that Spain continues to become a model country and kind of laboratory in Hispano-America and Europe for the implementation of blockchain technology, evidence that is shown in the recent and continuous news of the introduction of blockchain in various areas and Sectors of society such as armed forces, street organization, laboratory studies, tourism and universities, government organizations. With that in mind, reports like the one from Omega CRM are shown as support and technical assistance to promote the adoption of this technology which is also likely to have an impact if it continues to dominate and respond to the new forms of adoption and proven fundamentals given to different countries that have a close relationship with the Iberian nation.

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