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A blockchain platform plans to create new Hollywood stars

April 25, 2020

The revolutionary proposal from Fight to Fame aims to create the next series of Hollywood starsand give people the same opportunity to earn their place on movie screens.

The platform hopes to offer all participants the same and fair chance by combining blockchain technology to become a superstar on screen as well as in sports if they so choose.

Athletes from more than 200 countries and regions can visit the website and register to participate in competitions. Fans can vote with the platform token in the games they want to seeAnd for the person looking at it, the opportunity to appear in a Hollywood film deserves it.

A blockchain platform plans to create new Hollywood starsA blockchain platform plans to create new Hollywood stars

According to the official website, With FF token holders of the platform, they can directly buy tickets for events organized by them and get access to VIP offers exclusively via the online platform.

Although the idea already seems complex has earned the support of many renowned superstars like Jamie Foxx, Roy Jones Jr and many more.

How the idea was born

Everyone knows that superstars like Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger have peaked in stunt performance.

In addition, the younger generation of these types of stars like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are over 50 years old, and the need for fresh blood for this type of film is increasing, for example. The idea of ​​solving this problem prompted the platform’s founders to think about solving this challenge.

The platform aims to introduce a new series of film stars measures by taking these people through a series of tests and assessments to ensure that they deserve the title.

Adoption of a reality show theme, The show picks the best artists in each series and the winner has a chance to become the next Hollywood action film star. This decision is up to the fans to vote to use the platform’s tokens. Fight to Fame uses a business model that eliminates the possibility of fraud and fraud because tokens are based on smart contracts.

With the tokens, fans can also vote on the rating of the games for contenders and venues for major events through a fair community vote. Depending on who they want to support, viewers can improve the competitor’s career by voting to win the competition.

The sport of engagement will be mixed martial arts, where the average person can try their luck to show off their skills in the hope of becoming the next big action star. The business model will also introduce fans of this discipline to the world of cryptocurrencies through the platform’s tokens.

Since the show is expected to spawn the next group of action stars, Partnerships have been made with major Hollywood film companies equip these people with the skills necessary to perform better when they become superstars.

The partners of the new platform have already gained experience in film production Large-caliber Rambo, Hell Boy and London have fallen. The company’s film arm has also reached an agreement with Cinema Libre Studio to fund the next Jamie Foxx film.

Fight to fame governance structure

Fight to Fame has several committees that deal with various aspects, including the film committee that was responsible for creating the pioneering manual of the cinema based on blockchain technology. This committee also has the task of examining how the blockchain is used in film production.

The platform as a company also has a technology committee dedicated exclusively to the blockchain Develop the corresponding operating instructionsB. Profit models, intellectual property rights and income rights, key issues for any business in this type of business.

As in every company, there are marketing committees to achieve the interaction and integration of the brand in the area of ​​events, games and films. According to fight to fame His goal is to work with leading sports, fashion and film brands to take root and create different products.

Finally, there are the FF Token’s global sales committees, which are responsible for the investment and stable circulation of the token. They also have a strategic steering committee that acts as a regulatory authority for decision-making.

Participating stars

Fight to Fame has a global cast of superstars who have formed alliances to become global ambassadors for the platform.

This includes people like Roy Jones Jr., a former boxing world champion in four weight classes, and Rigan Machado, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend who chairs the global event committee Fight to Fame BMS.

Then there is Cung Lee, Hollywood action star and the number one fighter in Vietnam, who chairs the Vietnam event committee.

The fourth ambassador is Kina Malpartida, a world boxing champion and a supermodel. She is the chair of the event committee of Fight to Fame BMS Peru.

There is Chris Van Heerden, South African boxing world champion and chairman of the Fight to Fame South Africa Events Committee.

Fernando Carrillo, superstar of Latin American television, is also present as president of the event committee of Fight to Fame BMS Mexico.

And finally, there is Prince Badi Ajamu, also known as the Prince of Boxing, and Manson Gibson, who was a former welterweight world champion. Both Ajamu and Gibson run the reality show Fight to Fame BMS.

On the official website, Fight to Fame enables new athletes to be registered as ambassadors Be part of the platform.

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