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A Bitcoin ETF could help put GBTC at a fair price

May 29, 2020

In an interview with Bloomberg, the SEC commissioner Hester Peirce said the regulator approved a publicly traded fundto or ETF (“Exchange-Traded Fund”) from Bitcoin (BTC) could help Set price from the Graysclale Bitcoin Investment Fund (GBTC) fairer.

The commissioner repeated again what do you think The SEC treats financial instruments unfairly related to cryptocurrencies and apply exclusive requirements:

“I recently published a second dissent saying that it seems to me that the current Commission is not interested in approving commercial products that are available to a crypto-based retail audience <...> This suggests that we have one standard for crypto industry products and another standard for other types of products. And I don’t think I’m right.

Exchanges make pricing easier

When asked if the lack of a BTC ETF is converted to GBTC in another investment risky, She agreed:

“No, I think that’s a great point. I mean, I don’t want to think of a product as you have it. I think overall the products that are traded on the exchanges are attractive because they have this really good pricing process offer and work very, very well. So people like to exchange products on exchanges. “

Is ETF like toilet paper?

A Bitcoin ETF could help put GBTC at a fair priceA Bitcoin ETF could help put GBTC at a fair price

He also joked that if he started his own ETF now, It would be something to do with toilet paper:

“If I started an ETF now, it would have to do with toilet paper. So PP or something like that.” “

Jokingly the lack of a Bitcoin ETF still an obstacle for a stronger introduction of cryptocurrencies.