A big whale wakes up, halving it may not affect the market, North Korea’s very hungry community, and much more.

Welcome May, halving month!

We are rising like a rocket with this new wave of optimism created by the non-inflation plans and the proximity of Bitcoin’s halving. Halving reduces supply and the money from bailout plans can give us the demand we need. The fears disappear and with them the panic sales went to the cliff.

The market finally realized that Bitcoin had a gift price. Of course we are in a crisis. Of course, the collapse of the markets affects. But everything has a bottom. There comes a time when investors realize that depreciation is too high. The providers are sold out and the only way is the one that leads us up.

A big whale wakes up, halving it may not affect the market, North Korea’s very hungry community, and much more.
A big whale wakes up, halving it may not affect the market, North Korea’s very hungry community, and much more.

Of course it is not forever. We will certainly see setbacks. But bitcoin is strong. There are many reasons for optimism. Life benefits the patient. Let’s talk about more crypto news this week.

Whale watching is undoubtedly the crypto community’s favorite sport. It’s a shot on the floor. News of a mysterious whale moving its assets is an instant box office hit. Size matters. However, there are two other elements that often have an impact. I mean antiquity and independence. In other words, these three variables together arouse our curiosity like nothing else. The address must be large, old and completely independent on exchanges and large crypto companies. Come on I know you’re thinking about it Come on, say it. I know you thought about it. Is it Satoshi? Exactly. The mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, always goes through our heads when we read such messages.

What really happened now? In the middle of the crypto sea, a big old whale decided to go for a walk. 69 thousand bitcoins. We are talking about over $ 500 million at today’s price. This portfolio is among the 10 richest. They are not assigned to any stock exchange or well-known crypto company. And it hadn’t moved since 2015. Everything seems to indicate that he’s been a miner from the start because Most bitcoins were accumulated between 2012 and 2013. For a moment, it was thought that the user of that particular wallet might have lost their private key, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Apparently it is someone with an iron will who prefers to wait with discipline. So far, she has not spent a cent of her bulky money. Who will this mysterious whale be? We don’t know anything.

Here we have an example of collective hysteria as a product of constructing conjectures about conjectures about conjectures when we really don’t know anything. Quite frankly, it’s a delusion that many are concerned about an alleged cryptocurrency sale that North Korea allegedly has due to the alleged death of Kim Jong Un. OK, let’s assume that the North Korean regime actually has cryptocurrencies. And let’s assume that the chubby James Bond with the villain is actually already in the fifth basin of the subway. Well then Why on earth should the regime sell its cryptos?

Unfortunately, this irrational wave of rumors started with a joke. Yes, an ironic joke lit the flame in this whole core. Zack Voell from CoinDesk tweeted and claimed (prank) that Kim had transferred his cryptos to Coinbase. The tweet went viral and had to be deleted by its creator due to so many debauchery. Insane. The crypto community is full of people who brag about being anti-system skeptics. “I have my money.” You distrust everything. They don’t believe in the media, in governments or in banks. Oh, but you can’t resist stupid tweets and absurd memes. If it’s said by a recognized medium, it’s a lie, but when Crazy Joe says it on crypto Twitter, it’s sacred truth. Really?

The struggles between the presidency and the central bank are a matter of life. Presidents want more and more money on the streets so that they can become more popular. Liquidity makes the economy grow, and people with money in their pockets are happy with their president. For this reason, central banks such as the US Federal Reserve enjoy a certain degree of autonomy. Politicians are not very good economists because they always try to please the population. However The economy needs discipline. This is the role of the central banks. Trump has always wanted lower prices. But the Fed didn’t quite please him. With the crisis of the corona virus, Trump received his wishes. We are in an exceptional situation that requires extraordinary measures.

Negative interests. Something unthinkable in the past, but lately it has become a possibility. I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but surely we need a lot of money on the street now to boost demand. Recovery requires cash flows. Financial markets like Bitcoin will be the first to benefit from these bailouts. Wall Street welcomes the measures. Economists welcome the measures. And the public welcomes the measures. However, many in the crypto community are not very happy about it. Why? Ideology. It is a question of the libertarian dream. The government should never intervene in the economy. This time, however, it is the libertarians’ turn to cry in the forest with their ideology Bitcoin is rising like foam for so much cheap money on the street. A rich dollar is the best thing Bitcoin can do right now. Yupii!

Here is a very interesting mental exercise. Tone Vays’ analysis is very accurate. Let’s see. For sure The Bitcoin market is not as liquid as other markets. Only a very small percentage of the coins in circulation is available for trading. Many coins are lost forever. And others haven’t moved for a long time. So when it comes to total market cap, the official numbers can be confusing.

If boyfriend Jeff decides to buy all bitcoins, the price would go up quickly. You could buy a lot, but due to the price increase, you would no longer have enough money to buy the rest. Your purchases would have a direct impact on the price. Should he succeed in acquiring a significant stake, he would undoubtedly have the power to manipulate the market at will. He would be a hamster. If he finally decides to sell, the price will go down. Tone Vays mentions the case of the Hunt brothers who tried to buy the entire silver market between 1979 and 1980. In these cases, the government generally intervenes to prevent hoarding.

The most anticipated event of the year is only a few days away. And you don’t have to be a genius to know that This is an atypical halving. On the one hand, the crypto community is completely different from the community 4 years ago. Much is said about the effects of halving on miners. So what? Miners will not sell their bitcoins for a while so as not to lose money. And that will reduce the downward pressure they always exert with their periodic sales.. However, this scenario occurred when we had no futures contracts.

On the other hand, we have the great world crisis that triggered the corona virus. Bitcoin has never been through a crisis since its inception. Y. His behavior in the crisis is still a mystery. The markets collapsed and Bitcoin was hit hard. This crisis is affecting demand. And the halving has no power over demand. The crisis could neutralize the bullish effects of halving.

Simply put, this halving is something special. And it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of this story. We only have this great uncertainty.

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