9 ways to super load your morning routine

Whether with a celery juice or a sports podcast, these 9 founders found a new way to start the day.

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Morning vegetables

“I recently started drinking celery juice in the morning. It is recognized for its healing benefit, especially in colder climates, it has relieved my dry skin and helped increase my energy level. ” – Bill Glaser, co-founder and CEO of Outstanding Foods .

Data and figures

9 ways to super load your morning routine
9 ways to super load your morning routine

“I started putting CNBC every morning. It gives me a more general understanding of what is happening in the global market, which helps me make more informed decisions for Pura Vida. ” – Griffin Thall, co-founder and CEO of Pura Vida Bracelets .

Homemade coffee

“I stopped buying my American on my way to the office and now I wake up a little earlier to do it at home with my Bialetti machine. This ritual gives me 10 minutes to prepare for the day ”- Lisa Bubbers, co-founder and CMO of Studs .

Sports talk

“I listen to the podcast of the Philadelphia Eagles during the 40 minutes I do to work in the morning. It helps me get my brain out of entrepreneurial mode for a small part of the day ”- Mike Cessario, co-founder and CEO of Liquid Death .


“I usually reveal myself working with our teams in Hong Kong and China, where we create our custom wedding dresses. The ordinary solution of a good coffee makes me look as if I had slept through the night ”- Leslie Voorhees Means, co-founder and CEO of Anomalie .

The power of protein

“I've always started my mornings with a glass of chocolate milk, but recently I switched to a chocolate-protein smoothie (with oat milk and peanut butter) and it has changed my mornings completely! It keeps me satisfied for five hours and gives me the energy I need ”- Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolate and Coco .

Muscle massage

“My morning routine includes exercise, a little sauna and then Hypervolt, to massage the muscles that worked a lot. It helps me recover faster and improves my flexibility ”- Rick Bates, co-founder and CEO of RxSense .

Sweat on the agenda

“The Training Peaks app helped me prepare for the New York marathon. It offers weekly training calendars that helped me use the limited time I have in the morning to focus on the training itself, rather than planning to train ”- Field Failing, founder and CEO of Fields Good Chicken .

The ancient tea

“I have a cup of lapsang souchong tea . According to legend, it was invented hundreds of years ago when the threat of an invading army arriving caused a tea producer to quickly dry his tea leaves with pine wood fire. It tastes like you're taking a cigarette, but fine ”- Coulter Lewis, founder and CEO of Sunday .

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