9 ideas to distract kids at home during coronavirus

Don't let boredom take over the family. We bring you some ideas that you can do with your children from home.

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9 ideas to distract kids at home during coronavirus
9 ideas to distract kids at home during coronavirus

Given the preventive measure of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) by the Covid-19 to bring forward the Easter holidays, which will be extended to start this March 20 and end on April 20, several children will be at home , This has made many families have to restructure their day-to-day life and adapt to the new situation.

Children need to go to the park, play with other little ones, run, have fun. So that they are calm and distracted at home we must have several resources at hand and propose various activities.

So that we do not lack ideas, we bring you several proposals. Crafts to entertain themselves , board games to share family moments and educational activities so that they don't lose track at school.

Even so, experts point out that we should not forget to follow some guidelines such as deciding when to get up and go to bed, meals, television time, tablet, video games, etc.

1. Dust off the board games, and remember the ones from our childhood

Monopoly, Bingo, Snakes and Ladders, Tourism … Dust off that board game and have an amazing time with your family. No matter which one, they can even play gestures, movies, or make origami.

2. Encourage them to read and do it together

In addition to looking for activities and games for them to be distracted, we can also buy them an exercise book on math, English or other subjects so that they don't forget the content they were working on at school.

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3. Do some (what you can) physical activity

The psychologist and coach Jessica Suárez Aguilar gave us some exercises for the children to do some activity at home, it can also be practiced together with the parents or siblings, so they will be more entertained. The ideal is to look for fun exercises where they activate your entire body such as:

  • He jumped from small obstacles
  • Push-ups with knees supported
  • Squats
  • Burpees media
  • Crab walk
  • Crawling for distances
  • Dance

“All sessions should be between 20 and 25 minutes to keep them active and thus avoid boredom. These spaces can be done twice a day exchanging the activity, “says Jessica Suárez.

4. Cooking as a family and preparing desserts

Make a cornbread or some jelly, then take out a tablecloth and set up a picnic in the living room. You can liven it up with a little ambient music or take the opportunity to tell family anecdotes.

5. Encourage artistic activities

It is time to put them to paint, write a story or put them to recite. These days their artistic talents can come to the fore and it is a great time to talk to them about these tastes and help them to be fulfilled after the holidays.

6. Sing, listen to music and dance

If you don't have karaoke, use a voiceless YouTube video where you can have a good time. Choose your microphone and give it your all.

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7. Use tutorials to learn a new discipline

It is an ideal time for children to learn a new language on YouTube or in an application. You can also watch videos about a discipline that your daughter or son likes.

8. Looking around for housework

As a team everything is better, and ideally, household chores are done by everyone (including the smallest of the house), so you can form new ties.

9. Review the contents of the school

Although they are called vacations, some schools will send home exercises and homework and connect online with teachers. It is important that during the day they spend a few hours reviewing what they have seen in the school year and answering any questions they may have.

Let boredom not take over the family! They can all spend a few pleasant days, although yes, we know it will be a little difficult, but not impossible.

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