9 Change from employee to entrepreneur

It is very difficult not to live on a salary and live on your dream. If you are not ready to change your mindset, you are not ready to start.

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9 Change from employee to entrepreneur
9 Change from employee to entrepreneur

Mentality is perhaps the greatest determinant for success in almost everything we do. In other words, the thought patterns you normally use determine almost all of the results you get.

Different circumstances and situations require different ways of thinking. Everyone who wants to leave paid employment and start on his own should know this. Unfortunately, not everyone who could be an entrepreneur understands the dramatic changes in thinking that are required. Without them, your company is unlikely to succeed.

How can you, as an employee, think differently if you are successful?

1. You are responsible for all good and bad decisions. s have an incredible opportunity to create something out of nothing in a way that is impossible when they work for someone else. This means making important decisions about what to do, when and how.

You can’t wait for something to happen or someone to tell you what to do let it happen. Successful entrepreneurs also know that opportunities can only be short-lived. Therefore, they need to develop a sense of urgency to achieve their goals.

2. You have to keep long and short-term visions at the same time. When you work for others, you are responsible for ensuring that what needs to be done now is done. As an entrepreneur, you have to project your mind into the future, think about possible falls and opportunities They are just around the corner and make decisions based on uncertainty. This requires you to be aware that what you do or don’t do today will have an impact on your business in three months or even five years.

3. Feeling uncomfortable is your new comfort zone. As an employee, you are used to thinking “inside the box” instead of outside. As an entrepreneur, there is no box. You see what others are not doing, try out new ideas, measure new ground, take risks. This requires courage, thick skin and the ability to continue despite rejection or skepticism.

4. Learning is a continuous journey. As an employee, you have a job description that requires a range of skills. Being an entrepreneur means learning new skills unless you have the means to help you do what you can’t or can’t do. You may learn to create a table, attract investors, promote your ideas, create the perfect pitch, or use unknown technologies. What has to be done has to be done, there is no room for excuses.

5. The numbers don’t lie. Where numbers are important, it is enough for most employees to know what goes in and what goes out. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to love numbers quickly since you income It is you who keep you outside or in your shop. Ultimately, it is your sales, costs, profits and losses that give you sleepless nights or an enviable lifestyle. Without the guidance of the numbers, your company will continuously be focused on the abyss.

6. Love your business, but be objective. As an employee, you can do something you don’t like for money. As an entrepreneur, you have to love your company because of the effort and the long working hours. You should not fall into the trap of thinking and acting like an employee in your own company, rather than working instead of being involved in the job.

7. Have fun breaking the rules. As an employee, breaking the rules can mean being fired. However, entrepreneurs are not interested in the status quo, but are always looking for ways to do things differently. That means gaining a global perspective and always looking to the horizon or the direction where the next big thing is.

8. Time is not linear. As an employee, you have to work on a schedule. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be tied to a desk and a computer at all times. You will always think about your company, what you do well and what you could do better. There will be no ceasefire, you will live and breathe it.

9. Start now. Many people underestimate the time required for a transition for the entrepreneur. So it makes sense to change your mindset while you have a job, maybe even at the same time that you work. This can give you the opportunity to develop skills and experience while enjoying the security of a salary that you will need at some point if you want to grow your business.

Employees or entrepreneurs? Is it time to change? It’s your decision.

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