8 things you are doing wrong in the morning

Do you do the following things without realizing it? Be careful: your whole day could be affected.

They say that the way you start your day determines the rest of your day, and this is very true. If your days are usually unproductive, motivating and satisfying, the routine you have during the first hours – from when you take a foot out of bed until you start your work activities – could be the culprit.

Do you do the following things without realizing it? Be careful: your whole day could be affected .

Wait at the last minute to get up

8 things you are doing wrong in the morning
8 things you are doing wrong in the morning

Let us guess: you are “of those” people who turn off their alarm five times, and only get up when they have no choice. Obviously, in a bad mood. This attitude predisposes you to start the day in a negative way. And if you better sleep a little earlier, do you wake up earlier and make the most of the day?

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Check your cell phone as soon as you wake up

If the first thing you do when you open your eyes is to check your cell phone, you could be boycotting the rest of your day. The best way to start the day is to wake up calmly, enjoy your morning and, little by little, get into the “mood” of work. You will have time to check emails and answer messages!

Have a quick breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it is the one that gives you the impulse to start. Do you eat breakfast the first thing you find while thinking about the work pending, or worse, while driving? Eliminate this habit as soon as possible. Breakfast – and in general any meal – should be taken calmly. Enjoy every bite.

Not plan your day

“The earrings will come out” or “in the end everything is resolved” are two thoughts that harm you more than you think. Yes, things will work out at the end of the day, but if you don't learn to organize, your emotional health could be seriously affected . Take 20 minutes a day to plan your activities, determine how long it will take you to complete each one and sort them by priority.

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Leaving home late

You woke up late, you didn't choose your clothes the day before, you wasted time answering messages and left home late. And, of course, you've been stuck in traffic for hours and your stress reaches unexpected levels (what a way to start the day!). Why self torture yourself in this way if you can leave home early, avoid all traffic and settle in the office with all the calm in the world ?

Being late for work

Everything becomes a vicious circle. You're late, and then you're late to the office. You start your stressed day, with a thousand earrings on top and the horrible idea that you will go home that day after your departure time. The day has automatically become heavier. Seriously, as our mothers would say: what need?

Reply to emails

You get to work, you open your mailbox and they start to fall like an endless waterfall. You are about to check them first thing of the day, and answer one by one … and that is going mid morning. Error! Leave the emails for later : when you arrive at the office, focus on planning your day and solving the most important tasks.

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Postpone the most important tasks

That earring that gives you all the laziness in the world? Resolve it as soon as you arrive at the office and your day will become much lighter and flow like water. Postponing important tasks is one of the worst habits we can acquire, so get rid of it today!

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