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8 steps to get visibility in your business (and recognize what you’re doing)

August 20, 2020

7 min read

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

8 steps to get visibility in your business (and recognize what you’re doing)8 steps to get visibility in your business (and recognize what you’re doing)

There should be few things more disturbing than feeling invisible. Noticing that nothing you do or say is considered by others.

If this situation is troubling in itself in social life, it could get worse in our work as we have to add the perfectly safe possibility of being unemployed.

This article is the result of numerous interviews in which employees insist that: “They don’t know how to show themselves” or that your difficulty lies in it “I don’t know how to sell”.

Likewise, we must add that the fact of feeling invisible implies a clear lack of appreciation. According to a survey carried out by the employment portal Bumeran in Argentina in 2019, 54% of respondents said that they are not comfortable with the work environment at their work. When asked about the reasons causing this discomfort, 64% said it was due to the company’s lack of interest in its employees. “

So what should we do? Do you sit and wait for our leaders’ attitude to change and complain bitterly along the way? Or act? I believe the latter is the best option and so I want to leave you these steps to get you there.

First part

1. Recognize

The aim is to examine which specific practices or behaviors are valued by the organization. For example:

  • Make decisions autonomously,
  • Respect the procedures on the letter,
  • Show wishes for personal growth ambitions,
  • Competitive character,
  • Inclination to leadership,
  • Attitudes that encourage teamwork,
  • Orientation towards results,
  • Business vision …

2. Identify

The mandatory start is to identify what things we can excel in and what others we need to correct. At this point, it is important to make a realistic judgment of what we are doing in order for the result to be reliable. I propose to create two columns on one sheet and put on the left the activities we do well and on the right the activities we are not good at.

The key here is to be specific. Tasks have to be clear, observable and measurable. Let’s not be tempted to try useless generalities like “I’m good at teamwork” or “I need to improve my communication.” For this exercise to work, I need to write things like, “In the projects I participate in, I always stick to the time” or “I admit I don’t know how to handle discussions and I will angry.

3. Prioritize

The idea is to rank from highest to lowest on both sides of the sheet to guide our immediate actions. Let’s pick just three tasks on each page based on their importance and how they affect the organization. It makes no sense to state that we stand out for something that is of little interest to the company, such as making a good coffee (unless that’s our job!). We already have our roadmap: Now we know which things I should uncover and which others I should improve in my privacy.

Second part

4. Plan

We have to answer the four magical questions: what; When; How and who.

With regard to the As show that we already set it in step 1. Now is the time to choose that When. We need to be adept at predicting which key situations will demonstrate the selected behavior. It can be a manager meeting or an informal meeting like lunch. It depends on the selected action.

Then he How refers to the way we are going to do it. Should this be done directly or through a third party? If I found in Step 1 that I excel at reporting and wanted my boss to know, I could do this task in front of someone you trust in the company canteen.

After all, it is crucial that we recognize this WHOalthough I should say here WHOsince we need to include all the interested parties here, including the protagonists, the secondary ones, and why not the extras. Remember: you don’t have to show your boss what you want directly to get visibility. There are other avenues that are equally straightforward.

5. s

A well-known technique in psychology is to imagine the desired situation and specify as many details as possible that my senses would perceive. That means being able to feel what we want in the most vivid way possible. What I see? What do I hear What smells are there in the environment? What textures do I perceive with my hands?

Example: Suppose I want to be calm enough to speak in front of the team and view the results for my region. In the last few weeks I have had to start with this technique. Choose a quiet place to relax and start projecting the image you want in my head. What do I see in this situation? Are they sitting or standing? Are you staring at me? Are they chatting with each other? Is there enough space for everyone? And so with the rest of the senses …

6. Rehearsal

Don’t feel useless or look a little ridiculous. Think more about it in orbit of a game. Enjoy the way a child does when they pretend to be something they are not. The ability to attempt to change behavior is well established. It’s about writing a script that I might want to say or do again in detail under certain circumstances. Then play it in front of a mirror or what is very good is to film yourself on your own cell phone. We will clearly see where we fail, whether in the use of our words, volume, timbre or gesture language (let’s not forget that our body speaks for us and we unconsciously manifest ourselves through it. There are many cases where the root of the problem the lack of visibility in the mere defeatist position of the shoulders, the look down or the sad tone of the voice).

7. Act

If we do the previous steps, it will be time to move on. The most important thing is to test what results it gives us instead of looking for success in and of itself. The best we can get is information about other people’s reactions. It is very important that you try to persevere several times.

8. Customize

After all, it’s likely that we won’t succeed the first time. With our previous iterations, we then have all the necessary data to change something in our behavior or to be able to exclude an aspect directly.

As you follow all of these steps, you will gradually find that you are taken into account, that you are more active and therefore feel better about yourself.

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