8 reasons why obsessive people are more likely to succeed

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Take a moment to think about your examples. It doesn’t matter if they are leader In business, athletes or musicians, I guarantee that they were successful because they were or were obsessive people.

8 reasons why obsessive people are more likely to succeed
8 reasons why obsessive people are more likely to succeed

When we hear the word “obsessive” we tend to think it is a bad thing. And that’s only true if you’re obsessed with something that’s not healthy, and that’s not the case with super successful people. Rather, they were obsessed not only with what made them successful, but also with maintaining and making progress. Do not you believe me? Check out these eight reasons why obsessive people tend to be more successful.

1. Obsession encourages

Something very interesting happens when you are obsessed: you put fear and cowardice aside and get brave. When you are obsessed, you have the courage to start things. You have the courage to get up from a fall and the fear of seeing fear right on your face.

Michael Jordan had the courage to continue playing basketball after his high school team kicked him out. Paul English quit his job at Greylock, the venture capital firm, to start a little-known little site called Kayak.

The writer Ambrose Redmoon put it perfectly: “Courage is not the lack of fear, but the judgment that something is more important than fear itself.”

2. A teacher’s obsession with time and schedules

I live obsessed with my daily routine. As a successful business owner, you have to … If you don’t keep a close eye on it, you won’t be able to do your daily chores or achieve your goals.

Above all, make sure that you invest your time in productive activities. If a meeting has no clear purpose, don’t give it a place on your calendar. When I know that there is some free time, I block it for sports or reading.

3. Obsession motivates people to think and innovate

If you’re obsessed, you’re hungry all the time. It’s insatiable and the only thing you can think of.

This may scare certain people, but not successful people. It is their obsession that keeps them thinking about how they can create new opportunities and innovative ways to improve a product or service. In fact, that’s why successful people are known for taking time to think and use feedback techniques.

People like Elon Musk say feedback loops enable him to stay alert, what he can improve, and to get him thinking about his way of thinking.

4. Obsession combines your focus and your energy

Let’s say you wake up on a Saturday morning with a craving for hot cakes and coffee. And it’s the only thing that worries you. As a result, take your keys and go to the nearest restaurant to satisfy your request.

Successful people have this feeling every day. When they want something, they use 100 percent of their energy and focus on getting it. They don’t focus on anything else until they reach their goal.

5. Obsessive people love to say “no”

As a father, I can explain that the children’s favorite word is “no”. It turns out it’s also a favorite of successful people.

Warren Buffett once recognized that very successful people have an advantage over people who are moderately successful: they say “no” to almost everything. And why are these successful people obsessed with such a negative word? Because if they always say “yes”, they are not only distracted, but do not fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

6. Obsessive people make conscious decisions

Instead of looking for culprits, successful people take responsibility for their actions. For example, if your business fails, they don’t blame the government or their customers, but they understand that it was YOUR decision to start a business and not adapt to market changes.

And what’s even better: they see failure as a learning experience and ensure that their next business will be successful.

7. Obsessive people are looking for mentors

If you stick your nose in a book, you come to a point. s must have a yoda in their lives to use the knowledge they have learned in books and to use their skills. Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. So why not use the knowledge of others to accelerate our own success?

Successful people are actively looking for mentors. It can be the author of a book, a university professor or the owner of a local company. They want someone to teach them how to be the best version of them.

8. Obsession is more important than talent

I’m not a Tom Brady fan, but I can’t deny that he will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He was talented enough to play in that position and make it to the NFL, but the guy does everything to be the best.

Conor McGregor claims to have conquered the UFC. McGregor said in a small documentary: ‚ÄúThis is an obsession. Talent doesn’t exist; We are all the same as people. You can be whatever you want if you spend enough time with him … I’m not talented, I’m obsessed. “

The obsession may seem scary in Hollywood movies, but it is entrepreneurial fuel if you move on to the right things. Those who are obsessed with their businesses are more likely to stay with their companies much longer than those who give up because they are not obsessed.

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