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8 mistakes you should avoid when naming your company

June 19, 2020

Many business owners know that they have a problem with their name and just hope it will be magically resolved. For example, the original company name of one of my customers was “Portables”, which reminded some people of portable classrooms that the owner didn’t want to identify with.

This added to the confusion when salespeople tried to explain their new relocation and storage concept. After some careful adjustments, we found the name PODS, short for Portable on Demand Storage. The rest quickly becomes history as the company has expanded both domestically and internationally.

Mike Harper, of Huntington Beach, California, bought a 30-year janitorial and building maintenance company called Regency. We agreed that it sounded more like a downtown cinema than an advanced facility management company. After a comprehensive search for names, we developed the name Abeto Facility Management. “Fir” not only conveyed the ecological image of a fir tree that is important for the customer, but also meant “clean”. The new slogan prevailed: Fir … “The company always cleans.”
Like 3M and KFC, these companies are changing to keep up with their growth and image.