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8 characteristics of exceptionally motivated entrepreneurs

April 3, 2020

The most motivated individuals live with the simple mantra of “Depend on me” …

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Highly motivated entrepreneurs live for more than just making money; they live to leave their mark. Money only motivates before it becomes superficial and pointless. Those who are highly motivated feel a deep purpose and feel compelled to express their feelings, their vision and their search.

8 characteristics of exceptionally motivated entrepreneurs8 characteristics of exceptionally motivated entrepreneurs

It is this deep feeling that fuels your motivation; after all, emotion corresponds to energy in motion.

1. They take full responsibility

In a society ready to make excuses in which people blame their childhood or the government for their lack of success, the highly motivated refuse to buy any kind of mindset that holds someone other than themselves for their responsibility. success … or your lack of. The most motivated never cede power to either outsiders or circumstances.

The most motivated individuals live with the simple mantra of ” Depends on me .” They understand that the opinion of others does not have to become their reality and they decide to take full charge of the success of their future. The thought of being fully responsible can be overwhelming, but more than heartbreak, the highly motivated think the pressure is inspiring. There will undoubtedly be things in life that they cannot control, such as nature, the past, and other people, but for this very reason they are responsible for directing their thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions.

2. They live with clear intentions

The key ingredient that separates the highly motivated from others is that they live their lives on purpose. They are doing what they think they came into the world to do. They know their purpose and live it on purpose. Having a purpose in life is one of the most important elements when it comes to evolving as human beings. Those who are exceptionally motivated feel completely alive when they are doing what they love.

Because they live on purpose, their entire lives are directed toward doing their job well and doing it to the best of their ability. They love what they do and it shows. His conviction is so evident that he convinces others. That helps them attract the right people to your life. Because they live with a clear intention, focus on adding value to the lives of others, money appears alone.

3. They are willing to sacrifice

The highly motivated rarely question whether they are willing to pay the price that will lead to the success they desire. The big difference between successful and unsuccessful is finding what it will cost you to achieve your goals. Successful people are relentless in their efforts to make their dreams come true and you will hear them complaining about the time or effort it took them to do what they had to do. Successful people have clear reasons for what they do.

Their whys give them the deep meaning responsible for keeping them motivated. They understand that they can get almost anything they want out of life, if they are willing to pay the price.

4. They are focused

We are all overloaded with tasks, messages, emails, children and couples who demand our time. This is why staying focused is essential to achieving things. Everything is important, and love should always come first, so the highly motivated keep their priorities clear. They know when and how much time to invest to achieve their great achievements along the way. They organize their time in a way that allows them to stay focused on their passions while still maintaining the support they need.

Motivated individuals create a support team that keeps them focused and directs them toward their greater purpose. Again, motivation is contagious so it doesn't matter who you are, whether it's your partner or your partner, they all end up being an essential part of your journey. The highly motivated stay close to their goals and engage the people they have close to in their passions, creating a crusade. They spend a significant amount of time focusing and viewing the entire painting to make it a reality. It's like a habit, staying focused is easier as you practice it more.

5. They are experts

The highly motivated study with fervor and passion in their field. They know him better than anyone and are on the continuous search for knowledge. Many of these individuals find ways to share their purpose in the forum that best suits them, from training, mentoring, speaking, teaching, writing, on TV, on the radio, etc. Sharing what they know with others becomes an important point of their lives.

The exceptionally motivated believe in education and in the idea that people have to learn and love learning.

6. Write and discuss their goals

The highly motivated write their dreams. By doing this they create an action plan that puts them in the direction they want to go. They are aware that objectives that are not written are easy to forget because putting them in writing creates a signed contract. But not only do they write down their goals, the highly motivated use self-suggestion and read their goals aloud every day. Speaking them serves to re-program your unconscious and re-direct your thoughts towards the complete painting. As they communicate their goals, they become real and develop a deeper belief in them, increasing their motivation to achieve them.

7. They keep walking

Passion drives perseverance. It may sound simple, but the highly motivated are truly passionate about what they have set out to achieve because they see the value it will bring to the people they seek to benefit. Because the true purpose of your mission has the potential to add value to the world, thoughts of giving up or stopping are never really considered. The highly motivated maintain a vision of what they want and do everything they can to ensure that vision is tested for frustration, doubt, confusion, rejection and failure. The path to success is not an easy one, but it does not have to be a tortuous one either. The exceptionally motivated live for their mission that makes every part of their journey useful and worthwhile.

8. Do not delay

The highly motivated are fully aware that time is limited. They understand that they don't have all the time in the world to live and make their dreams come true. The clock is ticking, the time is now, there are no breaks and sooner or later your number will be called. Motivated individuals know this, but instead of seeing it as negative or depressing they use it to rush to go for what they want with as much energy and passion as possible.

Success is one thing, and for the exceptionally motivated it is important, but what is even more important for these individuals is making a mark. There is a deeply emotional component that moves them to serve a greater purpose than themselves. Leaving a mark is what drives the desire to turn your purpose into a crusade. For this they are willing to suffer, sacrifice and achieve things while their success adds value. That is their main motivation, that of being free to improve their lives and those of others. They want to live without inhibitions and to express and complete their purpose. It is this deep purpose that drives your motivation. They seek to leave a legacy of great significance.

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