8 books to help you find financial happiness

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8 books to help you find financial happiness
8 books to help you find financial happiness

  • The Tao of Commerce from Simon Ree.
  • Keep it simple, make it big by Michael Lynch.
  • Stress free money by Chad Willardson.
  • Pass on by Lori and Roger Gervais.

There are many reasons to be concerned in today’s world. Job, family, politics and health are always present, but the most important thing for many people is money. And that’s because managing your finances can be stressful. You need secure finances to support yourself and your family. s who take financial risks to start their new business need to be extra careful.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there that can help you get your finances in order. These eight readings can help you begin your journey to financial happiness.

Simon Ree has spent 40,000 hours and most of the past 20 years cracking the code of commerce. In his 25 years as a broker and investor, Simon witnessed the many obstacles that individual investors must overcome in order to be successful.

Simon wrote The Tao of Commerce teach others your proven ways of creating wealth in the markets. Market trading is a way for entrepreneurs to start their own business, but it is a challenging sector that will benefit greatly from an experienced leader like Ree.

These days, it seems like almost everyone is vying for your money. Michael Lynch, who has decades of experience handling money, says simplifying your finances and claiming what’s yours is easier than you think it is.

s need to put themselves first in building their business to make their dreams come true. In Keep It Simple, Make It Big, lynch helps you clean up clutter and regain responsibility for your financial life.

Chad Willardson is passionate about helping clients develop clear financial goals so they no longer have to worry about money. It’s easy to get carried away with sales pitches. Making the right decisions about your financial future is difficult.

in the Stress free moneyChad reveals the seven barriers to financial freedom. Recognizing common financial hurdles and developing plans to overcome them is the be-all and end-all in Chad’s latest book.

Four. Pass on by Lori and Roger Gervais

If you are thinking of passing on wealth to your children and grandchildren, you must share both wisdom and money. You have been building and protecting your heritage for years. Without a solid financial education, your children could waste it. Pass on It will prepare children to responsibly inherit wealth and give peace to parents.

Many entrepreneurs hope that their children will be able to go back to business after their final retirement. Whether it’s a full-fledged business or a simple savings account, teaching your kids how to manage money will give you a head start on that day.


Kent Clothier is one of the leading real estate professionals in America. Since starting a $ 1.8 billion company in his 20s, he has helped more than 60,000 people get involved in real estate investments. But Kent is not one of those gurus sitting on the sidelines. His company, Memphis Invest, has modified more than 5,000 properties and manages another 5,000.

That’s working is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the three most effective ways to build wealth with real estate: Reverse Wholesale, Income-Earning Properties and Private Loans. Real estate is a great opportunity for hungry entrepreneurs to develop passive income streams or start their own businesses.

At the age of 22, Myra Oliver decided that she would not let debt and consumption rule her life. She reinvented herself and created a plan to get out of debt and be in control of both her life and finances. By the age of 33, he had gotten rid of his debt and built a rental portfolio that enabled him to quit his job and find financial freedom.

Myra’s main message in Down home money is that how you use your money is more important than how much you have. This mindset can help hopeful entrepreneurs get their projects off the ground even when they don’t have enough money.

7th You make other people rich by Ryan Sterling

Stop for a minute and think about what you want to get out of life. When you have an answer, ask yourself whether you are getting closer to or deviating from your goals with each purchase.

As a wealth advisor, Ryan Sterling underscores the importance of spending consciously on You make other people rich. Limiting purchases that are not doing you a favor can maximize your money.

As a business owner, every purchase you make is essential. Do you really need that huge new office space or are you being forced to draw resources from product development? Think about your goals every time you shop, and your business will be much closer to success.

8. ENRICH by Todd Miller

Too many people burn out, feel drained, or even depressed after work every day. Leaving financial stability is difficult to sell, however, which makes it difficult to let go and look for something else. Todd Miller’s six-step ENRICH Method is designed to help the average worker climb this hill.

Todd retired in his early 50s when this approach enabled him to control his finances. His advice is also useful for entrepreneurs looking to raise start-up capital. In many cases, they can prepare for success before leaving their current position.

So go on: read on. Everyone can benefit from the financial teachings of these money masters. In due course, you will be able to enjoy financial bliss on your own.

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