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8 areas where mothers can invest and earn extra money

July 27, 2020

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The word invest It may be strange for thousands of Mexicans because they have the misconception that this activity is only for millionaires, or are going through factors such as disinformation, myths, fear, and most importantly, the lack of financial culture. According to the National Household Survey (ENIH), 83.1% of the population nationwide are looked after by a so-called Family director.

8 areas where mothers can invest and earn extra money8 areas where mothers can invest and earn extra money

If you are a mother and want to increase your income, I leave you with some of the investment areas where you can use your capital and see what returns you can make to keep giving your family the best.

one. Cetes. Treasury certificates are credit documents that cover a loan or an investment. Because they are issued by the federal government, the risk of this instrument is very low because it is supported by the government. CETES ‘performance is regularly above what banks offer you. And if you are not sure whether you should risk your capital, you can invest from 100 pesos at to experience a first encounter with the world of investment.

two. Crowfounding. It is nothing more than collective funding to help a particular project where you can get a percentage that matches the growth of the project. The risk arises if the project to be financed does not grow at the planned rate. Therefore, you have to invest capital that you will not occupy in the short term. One option for this type of investment is and you can start from 1,000 pesos.

3. Mutual funds. They are institutions that bring together the savings of several people, who become shareholders of the company through their participation, and who invest in the short, medium and long term. There are institutions with which you can invest from 2,000 pesos.

4th stock exchange: This organization facilitates the sale and purchase of securities such as shares, savings funds with a capital of 3,000 pesos or investment funds from 10,000 pesos. In addition to currencies including raw materials, derivatives, bonds. If you do not know the subject, you can invest by advising a brokerage company. I know it sounds difficult, but it’s not when you have all the information. If you want to learn more about this topic, you should first know the investment rules. Here I explain more about it.

Exchanges facilitate the sale and purchase of securities such as shares / image:

5. Businesses and companies. Invest in your own company, renovate equipment or train your employees. If you decide to invest in someone else’s business, you can do so as a lender or partner. However, be aware that investing in a company is a risk. If you’re thinking of a franchise, try starting with 100,000 pesos to get better returns. You can read this other article for better information. However, if you are looking for a business partner, you can consider the topic with this article.

6. Metals. Gold, silver, platinum. The way to increase our capital is through the sale and purchase of these metals. Unlike other investment options, metals are cyclical in times of crisis. That’s why rich people rely on them. Elektra sells silver coins that you can buy for 900 pesos. The risk affects the safety of your metal and the care you give it so that it does not lose value.

7. Intellectual property. It is the exclusivity that the law grants for a period of time to commercialize your invention or authorship, ie patents, trademarks and copyrights. For books, you will receive royalties if you are the author and give them to a publisher for marketing. The risk is piracy and a bad business alliance to commercialize your intellectual property.

8. Real estate. This is the option for those who have built their money in other areas and decide that it is time to improve. For this option, it is best to stand up hard, meaning one, two, or three million pesos can be perceived as amounts. Great, but keep in mind that real estate becomes more expensive as you invest in real estate over time. The risk exists if the area of ​​the property has security problems and therefore its value decreases.

If you invest in real estate over time, real estate will sell more expensive / Image:

What I always recommend is to inform yourself, to differentiate between the types of investments and the types of profits, to evaluate the alternatives from an investor’s point of view, until you reach your goal.

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