7Clean claims to have developed a “vaccine” against the corona virus in textiles

Together with the wet cleaning technology and an innovative washing technology, the new formulation completely eliminates COVID and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. The company intends to share it with the rest of the industry.

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7Clean claims to have developed a “vaccine” against the corona virus in textiles
7Clean claims to have developed a “vaccine” against the corona virus in textiles

Given the health emergency we are currently experiencing and the use of its technology and development, the Mexican chain of dry cleaners 7 pure He formulated “the COVID-19 clothing vaccine,” said Ana Beniamini, its CEO.

According to various publications, the virus can live on clothing and similar surfaces for up to 24 hours. Exposure to a lower virus concentration could reduce this time to just five minutes. This emerges from a study of the 2005 virus that causes SARS and has similar properties to the corona virus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), clothing can also be a contagion vehicle because mites and germs accumulate in the substances that could contribute to the development of this or other infectious diseases.

But thanks to the new washing method from 7 pureKnown as the sanitary system, bacteria, fungi and viruses such as the corona virus are removed from clothing. The method combines new chemicals that meet the recommended quality standards, innovative washing and disinfection technology and Green Care System technology (wet cleaning). Together, these elements achieve the complete elimination of this and other viruses.

The formulation, which is biodegradable, organic and non-polluting, can be applied to all types of clothing and fabrics: from sheets, quilts, shirts and towels to suits, ties, dresses, coats, wool and silk. And it is a service that is included in the cost, that is, not charged separately or with an additional fee.

“The customers of the 26 branches of 7 pure Across the country, they access this treatment against COVID-19 at no additional cost. We are interested in your well-being, ”assures the chain’s general manager.

Necessary transformation of the branch

The new Green Care System (wet cleaning) method from 7 pureIn addition, it leaves behind a dry cleaning, which is characteristic of conventional dry cleaning and laundry, and which does not guarantee the elimination of viruses in the clothing.

“There are 30 million dry cleaning users. We serve around 20,000 users who can simply rest. And the others? They have to be, “says Ana Beniamini.

With this in mind, he affirmed that they intend to share his unique formulation in Mexico with the other brands in the industry, even without being his brand. “You have to be very aware that COVID will stay here, and the entire industry must be aware that you have to eliminate it if there is a possibility of infection or cross-contamination in your company.”

7 pure It can also provide machines, training on how to migrate to environmentally friendly technology, pumps and products. The advantage: savings in water, energy and time. Interested parties should contact the company to make their request.

“Today, brands have to be more open than ever to rethink, innovate and create new forms. If we can propose solutions in this transformation, which ones are better. We are confident that this will trigger positive changes for the industry. “

And is this the sum of the chemical cleanings? At least 92% will need to update and change their outdated devices, according to the chain’s policy.

“We may not be present across the country, but we are the most advanced technology company and we are the only ones willing to bring about and bring about this macro-level change for the country,” Ana said.

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