79% of companies only invest in cybersecurity after the hack

A survey conducted by cybersecurity firm Tanium shows that 3/4 of companies invest in cybersecurity after an attack and:

  • 63% of executives are concerned about cybersecurity after an incident

  • 79% of executives support a cybersecurity budget after a data breach

  • 55% does not have enough staff to take preventive action of security.

Also according to the study 92% of businesses have suffered an attack or data breach, with 73% in the last year alone. Many of these attacks are information thefts that require payment in Bitcoin to recover the data. This survey confirmed that malicious cyber activities are still widespread. Prospects for defenders are deteriorating, study finds: More than two-thirds (69%) They admitted that the threats are increasing and they expect 2022 to see the highest number of attacks in history.

In contrast, organizations that a preventative approach to cybersecurity are much less likely who have experienced an attack or injury in the past 24 months (79%) than those who are more reactive (90%).

79% of companies only invest in cybersecurity after the hack
79% of companies only invest in cybersecurity after the hack

In Brazil, the scenario is the same and in recent years there has been an increase in threats causing losses to businesses.

The world suffered 623.3 million attacks in 2021, reveals the SonicWall Cyber​​Threa report. Almost all monitored threats, cyber attacks and malicious digital attacks increased in 2021. Attacks include ransomware, crypto threats, IoT malware, and cryptojacking.

This reality is also reflected in the rest of Latin America.

„The accelerated digitization of the economy in our region has also increased the attack surface‘ said Arley Brogiato, director of SonicWall Latin America. That reveals the SonicWall Cyber ​​​​Threat Report 2021 Brazil is the fourth country to suffer the most ransomware attacks, with more than 33 million intrusion attempts. „We’re only behind the US, Germany and the UK†.

In 2020, Brazil ranked ninth in this ranking with 3,800,000 ransomware attacks. „The jump to fourth place in 2021 shows our country’s high vulnerability to such invasion attempts†. This ranking includes other Latin American countries. „With more than eleven million visits, Colombia ranks seventh; Mexico, the target of seven million ransomware attacks, ranks 10th†.

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