70 free UNAM courses will start in 2021

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70 free UNAM courses will start in 2021
70 free UNAM courses will start in 2021

In times of global quarantine, today more than ever, we must use all digital and educational resources that we can find on the Internet. With that in mind, UNAM has just published an agenda of free courses for 2021 that you can now take from home.

What are the free courses at UNAM for this year 2021?

The repertoire is amazing: from online training courses on how to make a movie or your own robot, to courses in statistics, geopolitics, geothermal, chemistry, medicine, journalism, computers, dentistry, agriculture, history, public relations, spelling and mental health.

Do I have to meet any requirements to register?

You don’t have to be a UNAM student or live in Mexico to enroll for free. Plus, you don’t even have to be Mexican to participate. You just need to make sure you have an internet connection, take the time required for each course, and make the most of it.

Steps to register for UNAM courses

  • Step 1: Enter the course you are interested in (links below) and click the “Register for Free” button.
  • Step 2: Log in to the educational platform or otherwise fill in the registration form with your personal information: first and last name, email address, create a user password and select your academic interests.
  • Step 3: In some cases, a window will appear with two registration options (with or without certification).

Will I get a certificate after graduation?

In the current agenda of virtual courses at UNAM there are some that include a certificate of free digital participation.

On the Coursera platform, the digital certification granted is subject to an optional price (in this case, the decision to obtain accreditation is voluntary for each student).

Yes now! As the famous mural by painter David Alfaro Siqueiros dictates: “The people in the university, the university in the people”, here are the 70 free courses at UNAM for all of our Latin Americans.

Statistics and numbers courses

Statistics and Probability

  • Content: The course is designed to help you learn the study, which includes topics such as descriptive statistics, bivariate data, and probability that will be helpful for your degree and professional life.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Basic algebra

  • Content: Learn to create algebraic expressions, solve first and second degree equations, and introduce yourself to other advanced subjects such as analytical geometry, statistics, and calculus.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Algebraic and transcendent functions

  • Content: UNAM’s free online course to study algebraic and transcendent functions using their definition and notation.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

ship and economics courses

Bookkeeping for non-accountants

  • Content: Learn how to define some elementary concepts related to accounting, its rationale, and most importantly, the tools that will allow you to apply this knowledge in everyday life.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Personal finance

  • Content: A complete course that introduces us to personal finance for managing your budget fairly and intelligently.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Law and business courses


  • Content: Knows the central concepts of the social phenomenon of corruption and analyzes its relationship to ethics and integrity in the public service as well as to human rights.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Political history of Mexico

  • Content: How political processes evolved over time, interprets current events as the result of great processes that began long ago, rather than as isolated or inexplicable events.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The green and its truths

  • Content: An interesting free course with a lot of scientific, sociological, medical and legal information on the phenomenon of the regulation of some controversial substances.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Assessment of investments in capital goods

  • Content: Learn to calculate the present value and the internal rate of return as essential elements for the valuation of investment projects in capital goods of a company.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Local governments as international actors

  • Content: A four week course that will help you discover new trends and dynamics in local government international relations.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Study of the Commons

  • Content: An introduction to the study of commons (such as forests, irrigation mechanisms, pasture land, fisheries, cultural resources or information) and their governance.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Courses in human and social sciences

Digital journalism: fighting fake news

  • Content: This free course will enable you to understand the goals motivating fake news (or fake news) creation and how to avoid spreading it.
  • Link: Go to the course

How do I write a thesis?

  • Content: Identify the developmental stages of the work and combine all of this knowledge to advance your research.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Scientific thinking

  • Content: The purpose of this free course is to develop scientific thinking in our daily, personal, social, and professional decisions.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The art of public speaking

  • Content: Developed in five learning units in which you develop various skills that will allow you to get to know yourself and identify your potential as an exhibitor and presenter.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course


  • Content: Know the most important spelling rules and how to use them when writing text.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Systemic thinking

  • Content: The aim of this university course is to promote the use of systems thinking for personal benefit in all human actions.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The solution to the ethical conflict

  • Content: The aim of this initiative is to learn how to make decisions in clinical cases with ethical conflicts.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Health and nutrition courses

Diet and Obesity: Controlling Obesity

  • Content: Avoid, manage and control overweight and obesity, and emphasize the importance of self-care and family support in managing this condition.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The teaching role of the resident doctor

  • Content: Through a thorough reflection on the role of the teacher and the application of methods in practice, medical residents are trained to improve the quality of teaching in the medical context.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Mental health

  • Content: Here is a list of up to 10 free mental health courses: learning disabilities, depression, addictive behavior and more
  • Link: Go to the course

Hospital wound care

  • Content: Basic knowledge of treating patients with wounds to ensure high quality and safe care.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Prostate cancer

  • Content: How this disease is diagnosed, classified and staged, as well as treatment according to clinical stages.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Pharmacology for dentists

  • Content: Appropriate recommendation of drugs, indications, contraindications and patient interactions in dentistry, control of pain and pathologies caused by microorganisms.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Peritoneal dialysis

  • Content: Theoretical and practical knowledge of a crucial nature for self-care teaching in patients undergoing dialysis at home.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Modern caries management

  • Content: One Approach to non-invasive treatment of this problem. Dental caries is studied not only as a partial or complete destruction of the tooth, but also as a disease that has various stages.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Pharmacovigilance of the eye

  • Content: The participant will identify between a side effect of the drug, a temporary vaccine-related event, and the adverse consequences of medical technologies.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Update on the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

  • Content: The target group are doctors and health professionals who have contact with diabetics. This should reduce the morbidity and mortality of this disease and improve the quality of life of those affected.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Technology, computer and informatics courses

Basic data processing

  • Content: A list of courses oriented around different subjects: computers, office programs, the Internet, search tools, email, using a smartphone, creating video tutorials, using Windows applications, among others.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Main office

  • Content: Know the user interface and how to use the most important tools of Office automation programs: Excel, Word and Power Point.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Arduino and some uses

  • Content: Four week course to learn how to use Arduino in prototyping devices.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Robotics for newbies

  • Content: One of the most anticipated courses of the year where you will learn to make a first prototype that you can work on using your mobile device.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Java programming

  • Content: Basic concepts of language as classes and interfaces. Learn more about the basic parts of a class such as constants and variables, functions (methods) and how to organize these parts within a class.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Introduction to Data Science: Statistical Programming with R.

  • Content: Basic introductory course to understand how the R statistical programming language works.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Automatic control: invisible technology

  • Content: Learn more about the application of control systems and some examples. Learn basic properties and various representations with a special focus on mathematical modeling.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

History and art courses

Art history

  • Content: Through various multimedia resources, you will identify the development of the visual arts from prehistory to the present. You take a tour through the different epochs and representative works of art that are defined by innovation, context, criticism and impact.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Charles Darwin: The Origin of Modern Evolutionism

  • Content: It will be of great interest to students, teachers, and professionals in the field of biology and health sciences who wish to learn the historical background as well as the central foundations of Charles Darwin’s theory that shaped modern evolutionary thought.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Natural and life sciences courses

As? Chemistry in my house?

  • Content: Explore a range of aspects of chemistry through classroom modules and plenty of audiovisual material that will enrich the learning experience.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Chemistry, War and Ethics

  • Content: You will get to know the basics there is to know about chemical weapons, their mode of action and their consequences. You will examine the efforts that have been and continue to be made to eradicate these weapons at the local and global levels.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

An Approach to the Chemistry of Carbon

  • Content: Find out how organic compounds are formed and what general physical properties they have, from the composition of the oil to the extraction of hydrocarbons and the various functional groups.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Geothermal energy

  • Content: Identify the variety of uses of geothermal energy beyond the generation of electricity and heat, thereby promoting the training of human resources that lead to the optimal use of geothermal energy.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Education and teaching courses

Learn how to create your own online course

  • Content: An excellent opportunity to train, know and deepen all the preparations for preparing courses on the Internet
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Didactic use of the cinema in school

  • Content: Basic elements of analysis, form and cinematic language through explanations and examples to be used in a class that uses cinema as a didactic resource.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The learning process

  • Content: A recommended course to improve your reading, writing, and research skills.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Dare to innovate your teaching with Design Thinking

  • Content: A full course on Educational Innovation and you’ll learn Design Thinking, a method of proposing initiatives that transform teaching and learning.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Educational assessment for learning in higher education

  • Content: A critical reflection exercise on concepts such as: assessment of and about learning, formative assessment, diagnostic assessment, summative assessment, criteria for good assessment, high impact exams, legal, ethical and social aspects of assessment.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Audiovisual production

  • Content: In this course you will learn about the different phases of the production process to create your own project.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Environment and sustainable development courses

Basics of agricultural engineering

  • Content: Technology offers new tools that improve and support the various processes of agricultural production in an appropriate and precise manner.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Water security

  • Content: To propose innovative solutions that can be applied on different scales, use approaches typical of frontier science such as circular economy, comprehensive risk management and ecohydrology.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

How to build your own home

  • Content: An essential course in knowing the basics and procedures for building a home in this free online course.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

How to build your own home. Second floor

  • Content: How to assemble a false work, the function of the finishing chains, the building process of the stairs and the types of panels; as well as the most important materials and procedures for planning an electrical, hydraulic and sanitary system.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Agrosilvopastoral Systems

  • Content: With its four teaching modules, this university course proposes the approach of a climate-friendly alternative for farm animals
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Sustainable development

  • Content: Learn about the new global framework for sustainable development, its relevance, implications and opportunities for agriculture, food security and the rural environment.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

The seasons and the weather

  • Content: A highly recommended course to learn about different aspects of the climate phenomenon.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Food safety

  • Content: A very interesting course that covers topics like food safety, strategy implementation, risks and a lot more.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Food innovation

  • Content: The aim of this course is to introduce students to the subject of industry and innovation in the agri-food sector, taking into account a number of relevant aspects such as climate change.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Assessment of hazards and risks due to natural phenomena

  • Content: Identify the physical and social factors that determine a society’s risk from extreme phenomena of natural origin (earthquakes, hurricanes, among others).
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

Comprehensive disaster risk management

  • Content: The aim of this university course is to get each participant closer to the more general notions of comprehensive risk management, which can be useful in both public institutions and private organizations.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course


  • Content: A number of basic and necessary concepts and tools for the production of agricultural and animal food in a small space are explained, emphasizing their sustainability.
  • Shortcut: Go to the course

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