7 ways to increase your charisma

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The world is yours if you can leave a positive and lasting impression on the people you meet on your way. The good news is that you can learn to “charm” others. This property is known as charisma.

7 ways to increase your charisma
7 ways to increase your charisma

Many people have trouble making contacts because they feel they don’t have the confidence to meet new people. What if you had a tool – the charisma – that you would all notice when you enter a room?

It is possible and these 7 buttons will help you to achieve your charisma to the maximum.

1. Stay alert
The important things first. When you speak to someone, you need to stay vigilant, that is, fully present. If it is a one-on-one conversation, you should make the other person feel like they are the only person in the room.

When you are in a group, make the speaker feel important, and when you have the floor, pay attention to everyone when speaking. Look at every assistant. This completely changes the effect you have on speaking, as it leaves a lasting impression on people.

2. Be attractive
Charismatic people tend to be less stressed and more successful and attractive. When I say that they are attractive, I do not mean the physical aspect, but that they look and act like normal people, but they can attract the attention of others.

Many managers are charismatic because they have a strong attitude towards what they believe in, like to learn and like to influence and inspire others. You’re very attractive.

3. Remember and repeat
A great and subtle way to praise someone you’ve just met is to remember their name and use it in conversation. The person you are talking to will respect you for remembering their name because you make them feel special.

A good trick is to introduce yourself first and wait for the other person to do the same. Once he has given you his identity, send a command to your subconscious and think of “remember his name”. You will have it fresh in your mind as you will force your mind to pay attention to the conversation.

If you know the name of someone you just met, repeat it several times in conversation and many other times in your head.

4. Master your OTHER language
In addition to charisma, body language is another great weapon. It has been proven that the way you exercise can increase your confidence.

Body language is a universal language. People unconsciously read your movements and facial expressions when you approach them. So if you have a good attitude and are happy and positive, you will make it clear that you have charisma.

Do you need to feel safe before an important meeting or interview? Go to the bathroom and stand as a superhero with your hands on your waist in the sky, with your chin up and your legs in the “A” position. Always works.

Trust is an essential part of the charism. People will admire you for the security you show.

5. Your eyes say everything
People can measure your level of security based on your ability to keep an eye on them. It’s not about looking at other people without blinking, but about watching them with confidence. If that scares you, you can first look at the spot in the middle of your eyes, right where your nose is born. It seems that you look them in the eyes and your nerves decrease.

6. Stop complaining
A good way to show charisma is to stay away from negative conversations. Even if people don’t have the most positive attitude, try to enlighten them a little with a good attitude. When they think of you, they will remember you as a positive experience.

7. Kind words
Praise others sincerely. This requires practice, as most people don’t pay attention to details and lose the ability to find positive traits in others. That’s why you stand out when you value someone else’s characteristics.

Women can do that better, but imagine you get an unexpected compliment from a man. You would surely remember.

And don’t forget to be a little more expressive with your body language and facial expressions when you speak. Share stories when they are easier to remember and stand out from boring daily conversations.

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