7 tricks of body language

Do you find it difficult to relate to people you don’t know? We’ll give you some tips to make people like you without saying a word.

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7 tricks of body language
7 tricks of body language

There is no doubt that body language is important. According to Leil Lowndes in her book How to talk to someone (How to speak to someone) you can attract attention by whoever without saying a single word.

We selected the best body language techniques from the book to share:

The smile

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“Don’t smile immediately when you greet someone. If you do, it seems that everyone you see will get the same smile.”

Instead, look at the person’s face for a second and let a broad, warm smile flow over your face and eyes. Even if it takes almost a second, you will convince people that your smile is sincere And only for them, according to Lowndes, can a later smile add wealth and depth to people’s perceptions.

Glued eyes

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“Imagine your eyes are glued to your conversation with the other person.” Even when you’re done with him or her, don’t break eye contact. If you have to look away, do it slowly.

A case study reported that people felt more respected and valued by those who used this technique.


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In a group of people, you should occasionally see the person you’re interested in or no matter who else speaks. It doesn’t matter if you just listen to what it says, it will show that you are great interested in their reactions.

Be careful, this can be very annoying to the subject and make it feel uncomfortable. You need to see the speaker first, but let your eyes bounce off your target when he or she reaches their points of interest.

Take care of the big baby

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People know exactly how you react to them. When you meet someone, turn your body entirely on him or her and give them the same attention that you would give a baby. Lowndes says, “Turning around to see people fully gives the message:” I think you are very, very Special“”

Limit your movements

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If you want to appear believable, try not to move too much when the conversation is really important. Frequent hand movements near your face can make your listener feel fearful or lying. Instead, keep an eye on him and show him that you are focusing on the subject.

Give your teeth strength

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With this visualization trick you feel more secure in your posture, which Lowndes calls “your successful barometer”. Remember that every time you go through a new door, you have to smile. When you are dependent on your teeth, every muscle is in perfect posture. Your head is raised, your shoulders back, your torso on your hips and your feet become lighter.

This trick also works because of the frequency with which people walk through doors. If you visualize something enough, it becomes one habit. “The habit of good posture is a sign of a great winner.”

Hello old friend

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When you meet someone for the first time, imagine that they are lifelong friends. According to Lowndes, this will provoke different physical reactions in your subconscious, from the kindness of your gaze to the position of your feet.

Another advantage of this technique is that if you act as if you like someone, they fulfill yourself and you may really like that person.

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