7 Tips to Make Millions of Pesos Selling Digital Courses

Sharing your knowledge can be extremely profitable.

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7 Tips to Make Millions of Pesos Selling Digital Courses
7 Tips to Make Millions of Pesos Selling Digital Courses

The digital courses They have become a very popular way of sharing experiences with a specific audience and generating income from what you have to say and teach. However, the number of courses you can sell depends a lot on the cost you are tagging and the audience you are targeting.

The best thing is the great potential money that you can make and we are talking about both impact and profit. Tony Delgado, founder of Disrupt and Disrupt Week in Puerto Rico, shares that it is much easier to make your first million pesos when you bring your product or service to the internet Digital world. “Do the math,” he says. “If 1,000 people buy a course that costs $ 1,000, you have made $ 1 million overnight. All you need to be successful is WiFi and a dream. “

Here are seven tips to help improve your profit margins so your Courses can be sold in millions.

1. It always offers more value than expected

Nowadays it’s super easy to rate a course that offers little value. The content may feel rushed or not share real secrets for your audience. Avoid this at all costs.

Stephen Campolo, developer of the 12-week Body Transformation Challenge program, recommends offering a customer-centric perspective. “I started sharing my fitness knowledge on social media to help as many people as possible. My life changed there. He just wanted to help one person, which became thousands of people in the world. This was only possible because I was starting to add real value. “

2. Ask for testimonials to gain credibility by offering the free course at the beginning

Potential clients are more than willing to invest in an expensive course when they can see concrete results from others who have already taken it. Especially numerical results work. That said, if a previous client can say that your marketing course has doubled their fan base, it indicates good credibility for the person looking to invest in a course. Offer the free course to a number of people and ask them to leave a testimonial at the end.

3. Includes put options

Get customers to navigate your sales funnel by offering different versions of the course, first one with less content, then one with a higher cost and more information. Thinkific gave some tips on this, including the option to purchase a more expensive (and more profitable) course on the confirmation page, or urgency for people by offering a limited-time discount.

4. Or you can offer a payment plan for the more expensive courses

The chances of selling the expensive courses increase when you offer a payment plan. A $ 5,000 investment is easier to digest when the student can afford $ 1,000 a week. Megan Harrison, a digital course expert, recommends increasing the cost of the course if payment plans are offered.

5. Create a Facebook group for your students

More and more courses are offering their students digital communities, and this is an added value. Facebook groups are a great option for your students to get information, ask questions about the material they are reading, and they will feel like they get a bonus connecting with other people who are the same Want to learn the things they are learning. Or you can use this platform from a different perspective: Facebook groups can be a great place to hold your courses, and save you money on regular platforms. Mindfully Marketing’s Tanya Smith says this method works perfectly thanks to Facebook’s new social learning feature, but continues to recommend following everyone’s emails.

6. Invest in Facebook and Google Ads

No matter how big your email or follower list is, there are never too many customers, especially for digital courses. So put some of the money you’ve earned back into Facebook and Google ads that target your audience. For example, if your course is about getting your dream job, advertise students who live in big cities.

7. Share small tips and advice on social networks and in your e-mail newsletters

Ultimately, potential customers are more willing to invest in your content if it makes sense to them. Offer them little tips and valuable advice for free via social networks and add hashtags to increase your visibility. This strategy also increases your following, which can help improve your credibility and sales.

These seven tips will help you grow your profit margin in no time and you really deserve making money for the value you offer the world.

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