7 tips to be happier at work

Various studies show us what measures we need to take to be more complete in the workplace.

One of the important aspects of our existence takes place in the work environment, with the superiors, colleagues, obligations and the stress associated with it.

7 tips to be happier at work
7 tips to be happier at work

This is not only an aspect that depends on personal attitudes, but also affects relationships with colleagues and superiors, the physical location of the office, travel times, etc. All in all, are you happy at work? If your answer is negative, we will tell you what the keys are to achieve this.

1. Have a support network. The employment agency Habitissimo told ABC that the first thing to have was a good relationship with colleagues and superiors. In this sense, it is important that there is a good leader who builds trust among workers, who is a good communicator, and who is able to recognize the performance of the staff.

2. You must have goals. The personal enrichment expert, Félix Torán, affirms that it is important to have goals to motivate yourself and work with enthusiasm. It is very important that these goals are measurable, have a reasonable deadline and are realistic.

3. Start the day with something good. A study found that people who start the day in a good mood perform better. So take your time to enjoy your morning coffee, breathe and start the day.

4. Get some fresh air. A walk can help clarify ideas and reduce stress. In fact, there are studies that indicate that only 20 minutes of fresh air increases well-being and happiness.

Take your time to enjoy your coffee in the morning, breathe and start your day / Image: Mike Kenneally via Unsplash

5. Create a “nest”. The author Jennifer Star wrote for Monster that you need a room that is really your own to feel comfortable at work. Decorate your desk as much as your company policy allows.

6. Find a “best friend from work”. An investigation into the service of Hosting Free Hostt found that a person with whom you feel very identified at work can help you make a business more successful and that you feel that your work is more satisfactory.

7. End your day with gratitude. Our brain remembers bad things better, so sometimes it is necessary to force them to maintain positive situations. A study found that when you talk about the good things that are happening to you, you feel better and more optimistic about your work.

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