7 things you should avoid saying to your employees

For good results, do not say negative comments that damage your reputation and discourage people who work with you.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

When you are the boss sometimes your patience is proven due to a lack of motivation, what you are looking for is to have several problematic employees. And not just because you're the boss means you're perfect. Sometimes we say things that we regret later.

7 things you should avoid saying to your employees
7 things you should avoid saying to your employees

But unlike a common worker, it is only up to the boss to keep his nose clean when it comes to verbal communication. You don't have the luxury of saying what you want when you're frustrated. The last thing you want is for your verbal errors to demotivate your employees causing even bigger problems for your organization.

Here are seven phrases you should avoid, especially in the most frustrating moments. A misplaced comment can cause damage to your reputation and destroy the confidence that your employees have for you and that it can take a lifetime to repair.

“I am the boss, do what I say” We are adults, you cannot expect your employees to listen to your hypocrisy. If you are setting different standards for your employees and for yourself, don't expect them to respect what you want them to do.

“You're lucky to have a job” If that's how you really feel about one of your workers, then maybe you're the one who is lucky to have a job. No one works well in an environment where they feel like they owe something to their boss.

If it is not working with a particular employee then be a professional and reach an agreement with the problems you have. Find a way to correct them or get away from them. The mentality that your employee should “kiss your ring” is immature and highlights your lack of skills to be a leader.

“If you don't like it, I'll find someone else to do it.” As the boss, you make the most decisions, but that doesn't give you permission to be a heavyweight. Anyone can call himself boss but a good one will use his leadership skills to motivate employees and deliver results. Threatening employees with losing their jobs is a way to get them to do anything for you, it is not sustainable. Of course, they will do what you tell them at the beginning, but eventually they will be more demotivated and will not want to do more, if they do not resign first.

“Why are you the only one who has a problem with this?” If we talk about an employee who is always stubborn or who has trouble working, then take care of that. If you talk to an employee who is relatively cooperative, who is giving you some problems about a particular situation, then perhaps the drawback is that you are not willing to listen to their concerns or alternative ideas.

Maybe he is having a bad day. Whatever the problem, don't assume you're being stubborn for any reason and definitely don't ask this. Never compare your employees, it's like comparing your children, bad idea.

“I don't have time for this” Are you serious? You are the boss. It is your job to make time. Instead of rejecting the minutes requested by your employee, reserve some moments in the near future when you can give them your attention.

“You have no idea what stress is” Everyone has their own stress. Just because you have decided that yours is greater than anyone's does not mean that it is and does not give you the right to discredit others.

“Do you see my name at the door?” Yes and what? It is true that you built this business from nothing and that you have invested your time and money in making this company what it is today, but you are not a god and abusing your power is not a productive way to make your employees be of your side. Without your workers, good luck serving your customers alone.

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