7 things that make you seem successful

Before achieving glory and fame, you must prepare. To be a winner you first have to look like it.

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You know you will be a great success ( one day ). You feel powerful ( more or less ). You will succeed ( very soon ). You are worth a million dollars ( in your mind ). You are famous ( you are about to achieve it ). You only need a little more time to succeed.

7 things that make you seem successful
7 things that make you seem successful

Does this sound familiar to you? All right. That is the kind of attitude that characterizes a successful entrepreneur.

You expect it, you want it. You are hungry for success and you have the motivation. Your triumph has not yet come, but until then, you must maintain actions that ensure victory. How do you show yourself as a successful entrepreneur even when you haven't reached that level?

Here are seven principles that aspiring entrepreneurs should practice:

1. To be something, you must first appear to be

Believe it or not, the old idea that you have to pretend to be something before you are has a scientific basis. Psychologists have recognized the relationship between the mind and the body. When you feel a certain way, you act accordingly. The reverse is also real. When we act in a certain way, we make the mind have a related emotion.

A very common example is smiling because simply doing it can make you feel happy.

If you act similarly to a successful entrepreneur, your feelings, emotions, levels of self-confidence, and attitudes change direction to accommodate this behavior. The result? Eventually you will stop pretending because you will truly be successful.

2. Show self-confidence

One of an entrepreneur's greatest assets is his self-confidence. The problem is that it is difficult to project when you have a mind full of fears and doubts. Many people who are on the verge of success suffer from “impostor syndrome,” a feeling of inferiority about their personal accomplishments.

This syndrome is very common in the entrepreneurial world. Even the most successful people experience self-doubt. You can agree with those voices in your head that ensure you are an impostor or you can project self-confidence despite having these feelings.

3. Ask for help

Smart people know how to detect when they ignore something. This is why truly smart individuals know when to ask for help.

4. Be selective with your company

s understand that time is like spending money, except that capital is a renewable resource and minutes are not.

For this reason, you should spend time with people who make you better. You shouldn't waste your hours in places where you are the smartest person. Rather, you should seek to be challenged by people who help you cultivate.

Successful people spend their time with other successful people. When you have to decide how to invest your time, make smart decisions.

5. Dress for the job you want

Whether you like it or not, people judge you based on how you dress. When I made a few strategic changes to my wardrobe, everything changed. My business doubled, I gained new clients and my services improved.

Was that all due to my wardrobe? Not necessarily, but my appearance did have an impact. It is not about spending a lot on clothes, but knowing how to choose the right clothes. Sylvia Hewlett, a specialist in leadership at work, explains: “You have to look like you belong to the group and you have to see yourself better than the rest of the group members.”

6. Take risks

Good entrepreneurs know how to take risks. The secret to knowing how to do it well is simply to start taking risks.
Start taking small risks that do not have very serious consequences. Eventually you will learn to calculate well the cost / benefit ratio of your decisions.

7. Write your own biography online

What would a person do who wants to know more about you? I would surely search your name in Google.

By writing a digital biography, you take charge of what other people discover about you and the impact you make on them. By managing your personal brand on the net you can generate an identity that goes according to the things you want to achieve.

Your profiles on large social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr , etc.) must be striking and cohesive. Remember that they are the first points of contact with the outside world. Spend the time they deserve.

All successful people have gone through stages where they had no fame or glory. Success comes with the growth and development of a person. This is the time to prepare, to work hard and give everything you have. Don't forget that to be who you are meant to be, you must first act as you should.

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