7 Strategies s Can Learn From The Kardashians

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  • Though their show ends in 2021, there’s no denying that the family has made real business successes.
  • Everyone created an empire in their own way.
  • These business lessons will work even if you don’t have one Reality show.
7 Strategies s Can Learn From The Kardashians
7 Strategies s Can Learn From The Kardashians

Love them or hate them, the United States royal family, the Kardashians, can teach us entrepreneurs a thing or two. They’ve been on our radio waves since 2007, generating hundreds of millions of dollars through endorsements, clothing lines, beauty companies and more. Despite many obstacles on the way, nothing seems to stop them.

But what makes them so successful and how can we keep up with the Kardashians, or at least try to? Here are seven strategies that are inspired by everyone and that you can implement in your business and in your life.

1. Define your brand

“Mompreneur” Kris Jenner is without a doubt the mastermind behind the Kardashian family’s early success. One of the reasons she’s such an effective manager is because she can clearly communicate what each of her children’s brands is about – their similarities and differences. When starting your own business, you need to be able to clearly define your purpose, know what it stands for, and differentiate yourself from others. A set of branding guidelines is essential for any business, spokesperson, or personality. If you don’t know what it is, how will others know?

Kris Jenner, Instagram

2. Use social networks

Building a community on social media is an art in itself, and the Kardashians got it perfect using channels like Twitter and Instagram communicate with your fans. Having dedicated followers on the platform of your choice cannot be overstated. Whether you want to bring a new product, service, or even customer research and development to market, you need to find the best way to use your audience on social media.

3. Take calculated risks and diversify

Too often business owners get into the routine of following the same processes, offering the same products, and never considering how they could turn their business around. Kourtney Kardashian is a great example of a family member who knows the importance of diversification. For example, in addition to his role in Keeping up with the Kardashianshas a new health and lifestyle website, Poosh, which doubles as an online store, not to mention their chain of boutiques and television products. Well-manicured hands on more than one cake can pay off.

4. You can reinvent yourself

Khloe Kardashian’s weight and relationship battles have played out in front of a huge audience. Despite everything, he had to reinvent himself and rely on his inner resilience. s shouldn’t be any different. The ability to stand up, wipe yourself off, put your ego aside and figure out what works and what doesn’t for your business is something every business owner needs.

Khloe Kardashian

5. Find a niche

Compared to his sisters, Rob Kardashian’s journey into entrepreneurship was fraught with obstacles. Although he has publicly struggled with health and relationship issues, he now lives his life largely out of the spotlight and has had success with his Arthur George sock company.

Focusing on a niche is often more profitable than trying to be for everyone. A deep understanding of your customers, from reading to where they buy them, is a great way to increase your sales and focus on your target audience.

6. Work with affiliates

Have you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner went from a forgotten little sister to possibly a most successful family member? She started small with clothing collaborations and established herself in the beauty and makeup industries before launching her first line of products, the Kylie Lip Kit. This company became Kylie Cosmetics, from which the cosmetics giant emerged Coty bought a 51 percent stake in 2019 for $ 600 million.

Doing joint ventures with others is a great way to gain another company’s following, reach new audiences, and ultimately help you grow your brand, profile, and sales. Now Jenner is paying for it by working with her siblings on limited lines for Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner, Instagram

7. Use the power of advertising

The Kardashians have been fraught with controversy, but they have managed to capitalize on media coverage. After all, Jenner took Kylie Cosmetics out of the rumors on her lips.

A strategic PR plan is invaluable to any business owner. Without a doubt, the Kardashians have an incredible PR machine behind them, and every entrepreneur should too.

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

The seven strategies above can help you prepare for success and even secure a reality show.

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