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7 payments of services that can be made from an app

February 18, 2020

You can make balance inquiries, transfers to other accounts, credit card payment and other activities without having to have plastic or an account in a banking institution.

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7 payments of services that can be made from an app7 payments of services that can be made from an app

In Mexico, 66% of internet users use financial services such as online banking or applications , according to the MX Internet Association.

“All banks and financial institutions are adjusting to the new expectations of consumers who expect to be served by mobile means such as mobile, to make transactions faster and easier,” explains Luis Madrigal, director of “Today there are several solutions of the financial system much more efficient and secure than using cash or going to a physical branch to perform various operations. Not all people have explored the possibilities of their banking app, since having them is free and practically unavoidable, it is best to use the bank's apps as naturally as we use the cell phone, ”he adds.

Although the services that can be found within the banking applications depend on each financial institution, the most common are: balance inquiry, transfers to other accounts, payment of credit card and services, location of branches, transfers to other banks and Sending money for ATM withdrawal without having to have plastic or an account at that institution.

In order to guide users of banking apps about other services that can take advantage of their bank app, here are the main ones:

1. Payment of credit cards, departmental and / or American Express

Only the cards that you want to pay must be registered from the app, no matter if they are issued by other banks. Usually the camera of the telephone is used to be able to read the number of the plastic or the bar code if it is a receipt; or the data is entered manually.
The app of some banks usually offer reminders 2 or 3 days before setting the payment deadline to notify the holder that the payment of a certain card is due.

2. Payment of other services such as electricity, water, telephones, flights and more

You must also register the data of the service you want to pay from the app. In the case of having a barcode or QR receipt, the phone's camera is used to scan the data; or the reference given by the issuer is typed (for example, in the case of airlines). Once the holder captures the data to whom the payment is going to be directed, an “alias” or service name will be placed, so that it is registered in the app and the next payment can be made without capturing the data again.

3. Tax payment: practically all banking apps allow you to pay taxes on both SAT, property, as well as fines or tenure

You only need to have the capture line, which is a 20-digit alphanumeric code provided by the federal or state government to which the tax corresponds, and which is used to identify the concept of payment, due date and amount.

4. Increase of the balance of the Afore

The National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (CONSAR), together with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) offer free apps (Miles for Retirement and Mobile Afore) that make it easier for users to make voluntary savings deposits in the different Afore.

5. Pay with the app using CoDi

Since 2019, the banks app was optimized to implement within its functionalities the option to pay with QR code through Digital Collection (CoDi) promoted by Banxico. With this modality, the user of a banking app can charge and pay through their smartphone without having to have a plastic or a bank terminal, since the CoDi option is directly associated with your account, it is opened and operated from the app .

6. Report car accidents

If you have CitiBanamex or BBVA insurance, you can make reports through geolocation.

7. Recharge airtime

The HSBC app, Scotiabank and BBVA allow recharges from their platform.

Recommendations to make payments from the bank app

  • Each bank has its own characteristics, so each account holder must review and explore all the functions that are included to make the most of them.
  • In tax payments by bank app, the SAT says that “for any doubt about the payment by Internet, contact your account executive or your bank's call center, to receive the necessary guidance”, so clarification It will be done first with the bank.
  • Verify the writing of numbers, names and capture lines.
  • Know if the bank has a schedule to pay federal taxes and contributions (usually from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).
  • Usually, from the app you cannot make the payment of overdue receipts (electricity, water, telephone, etc.).

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