7 New Year’s Eve Business Ideas to Start This Week: Special

Use the data to start a seasonal business and strengthen your finances for the January runway.

Christmas It’s one of the favorite times of the year for Mexicans. According to a survey by research company De la Riva Group, out of 800 people across the country celebrated nine out of ten Christmases last year. That said, it was the most important festival in Mexico, surpassing Mother’s Day (79%) and Father’s Day (57%).

7 New Year’s Eve Business Ideas to Start This Week:  Special
7 New Year’s Eve Business Ideas to Start This Week: Special

Another important fact is that the Christmas is the time of year when it is most spent. People over the age of 18 paid out an average of 3,253 pesos; This is three times the number reached on Mother’s Day ($ 873). According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), 40% of Mexicans spend their entire Christmas bonus on Christmas shopping (often spontaneously).

This opens up the possibility of founding a company that both satisfies the appetite for Christmas shopping and offers an alternative to responsible and planned consumption. Also all over the internet.

We leave you with 10 business ideas that you can implement this season (and during the January slopes) Start 2021 with capital and a lot of drive.

Click the number or photo to see the details of this idea and choose the option that best suits your taste!

Business idea! Get ready for the holiday season with an online outlet


Nine out of ten Mexicans celebrated Christmas last year. Do not miss this market!

Business idea: knowledge of the


It is estimated that there are more than 4.5 million dogs in Mexican homes in the country.

What if you open a part-time Christmas decoration store?


People over the age of 18 spend an average of 2,865 pesos decorating their home for Christmas.

Business Idea: Open a New Year's Eve Dinner Service!


The goal of this type of business is to offer pre-made dinners specially prepared for this event.

A great business idea for December! Making and selling births


Dare to develop or distribute all the elements that make up childbirth and make money this season.

Business idea: grow and sell on Christmas Eve!


Dare to get started with the second installment of our December Special Business Ideas. You are on time!

Business idea: start a gift wrapping service this week


Do you want to start a seasonal business that requires a minimum investment? This is the option.

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