7 gestures that you do without realizing it, and that reveal your fear

Knowing how to listen to your body can help you manage your stress levels better. We explain how you can avoid this behavior.

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  • More than 14% of the Mexican population suffer from symptoms of anxiety.
  • It is important to identify when we are feeling this way so as to know when to take one break.
  • These are 7 gestures that could be related to fear.
7 gestures that you do without realizing it, and that reveal your fear
7 gestures that you do without realizing it, and that reveal your fear

The feeling that it gives you when you are in a place you already want to leave, when you are about to present a project, hold that meeting or when you are completely relaxed watching Netflix and at the same time feeling restless without to know why. as…

That’s usually that fearand what is surprising is that more than 14% of the Mexican population have these symptoms, according to the National Survey of Epidemiology in Mexico.

Let’s face it, we’ve all suffered from fear or nervousness Sometime. That doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. The most important thing about this is figuring out when we are feeling this way so that you know when to take one break and learn to control it when we see it necessary.

The most common fear gestures are:

1. Bite your lip


It usually represents nervousness, reflection, or hesitation. It can even happen when we see a very attractive person and when we get nervous we bite our lip and not necessarily in a seductive way.

2. Touch your ear a lot


If you don’t like what you’re hearing or the situation you’re in, one of the ways in which your body responds is to calm down with subtle massages to the ear.

3. Straighten your hair (excessively)


Playing with hair is one of the main gestures when we are bored, restless, or in a situation that is pressuring us. It is very common for people who are speaking in front of an audience and getting nervous to constantly straighten their hair.

4. Cross your legs while standing


This posture is not natural for the body, so we only use it when we experience rejection, discomfort or fear in front of someone or in relation to the situation we are in. I’m sure you did this pose once when you were lying on the dentist’s chair.

5. Squeeze your hands (in the shape of a fist)


This gesture is directly related to how tense we feel. The more stressed out, the more likely we are to resort to this type of attitude.

6. Put your hand over your mouth while listening to someone


It’s a way of subconsciously calming down and telling ourselves that everything will be fine. We also do it when we suppress a thought and don’t know how to express it.

7. Scratch your neck


When we feel anxious and there is micro-itching around the body, we can be completely sure that the situation we are in is causing insecurity or discomfort.

What to do if you experience these behaviors?

  • Breathing exercises for a minute.
  • Take one breakSo stop what you are doing for 5 minutes.
  • Take a walk or exercise.
  • Reduce the coffee or switch to decaffeinated coffee.
  • Use an application on your phone to relax (a great platform for doing this is rest).

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